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Atomic C:9 any info on this?

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Hi, I just bought the Atomic C:9 today and I was wondering is this really a women ski? Also i'm trying to read the instruction on mouting and adjusting the bindings and it has my head spinning. Is there any other place where I can find clearer instructions?
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Arn't those the bindings that just have one screw in the middle? It's been a while, but I think you just slide the two halves on and set your sole lenth, tighten screw... I have a pair of c:9's in the ski locker somewhere I think, and I don't remember them being a womens ski. There may have been a c:9 womens?
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The C9 came in both men's and women's versions. They were differentiated by color.
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I have the blue ones... (please dont let those be women's)

ok I got it slided in...Does the number near the middle screw suppose to match up with the boot size? I have size 27 but when I have both "27" align with the middle marker, the boot doesnt fit at all. I had to adjust both to 31.5 so it would actually snap in. Is this correct?

Also I'm reading about I'll need a techincal chart to adjust the pressure... any idea where I can find this?

thanks if u could help out
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The men's are blue. The women's are kind of a puke green.
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Champagne is the word.
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about the bindings ...

i'm going to go out on a limb here and suggest its not a do it yourself job. unless you know EXACTLY what all those numbers and screws and charts are all about, you should look for someone with experience and training to set up your bindings. any shop ought to be able to do this.

the price should be $20. about the same as the co-pay on my health insurance. don't know why that comparison sprang to mind ...
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The blue ones are mens. Usually the place you buy the skis at will set up the bindings if you give them your boot.
Those bindings are pretty easy to set up. However, if you are confused by any aspect at all about the bindings, definitely have someone else do it. Safety is a good thing.
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The place where I bought it as was closing down so they didnt do any mounting. Yea I guess I'll look around for some place to adjust it for me.

Btw, how much does it usually cost to drill? It's for another ski.
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