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Two Questions please help

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Just looking at Aireeca's thread about getting boots fit for a woman with a lower/thicker calf muscle.

My wife decided to come skiing with me and experienced the same thing. The rental boots are simply too tight on her calf for her to have a comfortable day on the mountain. She is a begginer and not in the best physical condition but not bad enough for the pain she was experiencing. Two green circle runs and her feet and legs were in huge pain. I have watched her give birth three times and know whs is a h#** of a lot tougher than that.

I read a bunch of recomendations for wemons boots and custom fitting, so my question is, Are there decent fitters South of Salt lake City? if so who?
I could also use a SIMPLE explanation of the diference between Sidecut and Radius on a ski.

Thanks in advance
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Second question is easy. As an example take race skis:

Slalom for short quick turns, will have a sidecut that is wide at the tip, narrow at the waist and wide at the tail. The dimensions will be something like, (tip) 108 .... (waist) 62 .... and (tail) 92 mm. The radius of the turn for that ski if the length of the ski was 158cm, would be 11m. Nice short turning ski right? The same ski with a length of 178 would yield a radius of 15m.

For wider GS turns, you could see (tip) 99, (waist) 64 and (tail) of 87.
With a length of 170, the radius would be 19m. A lot longer ski at 192 would yield a radius of 25m.

Flex factors in here too. Stiffer for race, softer for recreational etc can also change the radius ..... "fat" skis for powder with a wide waist. ....
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The sidecut radius of the ski is the radius that a circle would have if drawn on the snow so that it roughly matches the side of your ski when you ski is flat to the snow.

The sidecut of the ski usually refers to the three numbers of tip width, waist width and tail width (in mm) of the ski, or sometimes to the differenct between the tip/tail and the waist width.

When you tip a ski on edge, and press the middle of it down so that the entire edge is touching the ski, the radius of the circle that matches where the ski's edge touches the snow becomes smaller, so in theory, the turn radius of your ski would vary from the sidecut radius to 0; it is sidecut radius times the cosine (or divided by the sine; I can't be bothered to work it out right now) of the angle of tipping. Actually you cannot get the edge down to a flat surface when you have the ski at 90 degrees, nor can you bend the ski in half, so the practical limit is not quite 0 m.

Roughly speaking, you can cleanly carve a turn as big as the sidecut radius or smaller on really hard snow, and the longer the radius, the harder it is to carve a smaller turn. Softer snow is a little more complicated.
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