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Summit County Sat 8 Feb to Fri 14th

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Adrian and I are going to be in Summit County, Colorado for the dates above and would like to meet up some bears who may be skiing in the area, especially those who know their way around. We are not sure what days we are skiing where, but over our week we want to ski Brekenridge, Vail, Keystone and A Basin. Lisa and Mark have kindly offered to put us up for a night, and then we will be staying in Brekenridge for the rest of the week - we have a vehicle so we can go where we want, when we want.

Spending a day on a mountain who knows their way around is much more fun than analysing trail maps. And we get to make some new frinds, or catch up on those we know already.
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Hey Julie, I'm afraid I'm not from the US but I must say what a great time I had in Summit County a couple of weks ago. Circumstances left me there on my own for a couple of days and the bears "came out of the woodwork" so to speak. I skied with 3 different bears while I was there and each was a great guy who really helped me feel at home on the mountain. There were three others who offered to ski with me but we just couldn't find the time. Check out my post at http://forums.epicski.com/showthread.php?t=36039

Sit tight and the offers will come. When they do, take them up - they were some of the best ski days I've had in years :-)

Highlights of my trip? Well I hadn't been there since 1998 so several resorts had changed markedly. You've gotta do the new Imperial Bowl at Breck. Also have a look at Beaver Creek. It has grown so much in 8 years I can't believe it. We hit it on a Thursday powder day, but all the Denverites who bunked off work only drove as far as Summit or Copper, beyond that there was no-one. Don't tell anyone, but we were still cutting fresh tracks through knee deep powder as we were heading back to the car at 3.45! Park for free at Beaver Creek Landing (Bear or Wolf Lots) and then you can almost ski right back to the car after your nice cup of tea at the Ritz-Carlton at the end of the day. Don't be put off by the expensive name - Gatorade in the bistro is cheaper than in the Outback at Keystone and about $10 for tea and cookies for two isn't that dear for a one-off.

Have a grat trip! - I'm jealous!

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Now that I've checked our itinery I realise that I put the wrong dates in the eading, we will be skiing the days from

Saturday 11 February to Friday 17 February, with a rest day in there in somewhere.

Carweg - thanks for the tips.
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Might be up that week, probably day-skiing Vail or Copper. Depends on my two-year-old, who has been sick a lot lately. As it gets closer, I'll let you know if I am going to be willing and able. (OK, so I am always willing to ski. It's the able part that sometimes gets in the way! )

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hey julie

many folks on the forum here ski Breck and Copper ... you generally see people hooking up to ski a few days out.

my days off are sunday and monday ... I'll keep an eye here and try to catch up with the crew of skiers on those days. if you decide to pop over to Copper, let me know and I will get you some discounted tickets (about $30 each)

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Since you guys are staying with us on Friday night and Mark is working at breck on Saturday, perhaps we should all head there in the morning. Skier 31 and a few others also work at Breck, so we can touch base at some point. I believe you also got invited to the Apres Ski Snowshoe party, so we can look into that.

Do you want to try to hook up with Kiersten at Copper on Sunday? A bunch of other Bears work there on that day, so we can try to catch up with them. I'll do one or two warm up runs with you, then you guys can go enjoy the harder stuff with Kiersten.
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sunday the 12th? sounds good to me ... how many others want to meet up that day to ski?

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Sorry I've been a bit slow at replying, did not bring a computer with me so internet access is sporadic. That sounds like a great plan, Breck on Saturday, Copper on Sunday. And I really love the sound of discount tickets! We can coordinate with Lisa if that is okay.
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