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How is 7Springs in late Feb?

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I know it's been a terrible January, but how is 7Springs typically in late Feb? I've never been, but I'm looking for anywhere to go that may have decent snow and decent terrain since I've only gotten two days in so far this year. There may be a group of people from the local area taking a trip sposored by the local ski shop during the Feb 24th-25th weekend. Rather than ride in a cramped bus and pay the premium to the shop, I was looking and can do the trip for a bit less than them. I figure I can do a full 2-night stay and ski Friday night-Sunday afternoon for less than $200 plus gas money(even cheaper if I split a hotel with a friend.)

I figure later in the month will give a better chance of cold weather(or melt everything away, who knows?), and it won't be the holiday weekend. Does anyone have any suggestions or input? Thanks Bears!

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I feel for you. I'm over in Cincinnati, and although I have been out 7 days thus far, they have all been at the local 400ft vertical, Indiana molehill with marginal cover. That said, it's skiing, and the crappy conditions have only made me a better skier.

There are some 7Springs regulars on this list. Try sending a PM to "springhill crazie" for starters. That said, I've been there a few times, and as an outsider, can offer these words. First, as long as they get enough cold nights to make snow, there will be plenty of cover on the hill. They have the ability and skills to make a great quanity of snow in a very short time. The end of February should be their best conditions, although with the very warm winter, it still might not be ideal. They can get extremely crowded on the weekends. Everything gets much better, including snow quality, if you stay over on the north side. More vertical there too. Nothing, is inexpensive at 7Springs. The image that they try to foster is that of a major western resort, albeit with 900ft of vertical in PA. If you are dollar sensitive, do not stay at 7Springs, unless you can find some sort of killer deal. The Donegal exit, on the PA Turnpike has several major chain motels, at less than half the price of a room on the hill. Its about a 30 minute drive to the hill from there.

As long as you go in with reasonable expectations, it should be a great time. At least it will be a weekend on skis, which to me, is better than just about anything else.
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Good advice from CinciDave. The weather prognosticators are calling for a return to more normal winter weather in Feb here in the East. If that's the case then late Feb is usually fine for Seven Springs. They got an awesome snowmaking capacity. From my experience, 40yrs skiing mid-Atlantic, weekend crowds usually drop off significantly right after Pres weekend unless we get a foot of natural on a Friday. The chain and mom&pop motels in Donegal & Somerset are a good way to cut costs over staying onsite. There are lots of them and you don't necessarily need reservations. Cheap food there too.
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Thanks guys. I found that Somerset has a Days Inn for only $47/night. The 7Springs weekend ticket is $83 for Friday evening to Sunday afternoon which seems like a decent deal.

How is the terrain there? I'm a strong level 7 and I am looking to improve every time I'm on skis. My main idea is to find a hill that has nice terrain and that has cheap, no-frills lodging within a half-hour or so. My only concern is to go get on the snow, I don't need any resort amenities or anything.

I'll have to start a thread in the Meeting On the Hill section to see who would be interested in going that weekend. Thanks for the info.
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I think the prospects for late Feb. having better conditions than late Jan. are pretty good. Base levels are 20-50 inches right now so there is snow on the slopes. The extended weather looks like we'll start seeing colder weather returning next week. The big IF then becomes will this colder weather linger and stay for a few weeks. I'm encouraged that it will as some weather forecasters (Roemer Herb Stevens) see a change in the weather pattern for the east and cold air and snow finally coming our way in Feb.

I would expect 7 Springs to continue to make snow when the cold weather returns next week . Its pretty amazing that Seven Springs has the cover they have considering the warm and rainy January that took place. The snowmaking capability they have is exceptional. Last week the resort made snow for 2 straight days dudring the middle of the week around the clock, received 11 in. of natural only to see warm wet spring type weather reoccur again starting last weekend. If we can get another couple days of temps in the teens or lower, they can manufacture mid winter conditions again.
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dave, did you make it over that weekend you planned? friday should have been good, i was to ski on thursday but my son was home from school sick so that ended that.

madmike, what roundturns said. he and taylomatt are the go to guys for current 7S info.
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Springhill Crazie

Never did make it over. My son has been having some issues getting his schoolwork completed, and is coming to the end of a major 4-week project. Skiing is important to us, but at this time, his schoolwork comes first.

Looks like the next time we have to make a trip is President's Day weekend. I imagine both 7Springs and Snowshoe will be a zoo that weekend. The tentative plan is to try Timberline, WV. Never been there, but all that I read indicate it's pretty decent, and likely to be less populated at that time. If anyone has an idea where to stay cheap out there, I'm all ears.

I'm also trying to stack the resources to make a 1st week of April/spring break trip to either Alta or Mammoth. It's a bit later than I would like, but that is when the boy has some down time.
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I have skied 7 springs a few times, but have always gone with Snowshoe as a better vacation spot. Everytime I have gone to Snowshoe it never fails to Snow a decent amount while we are there. The front side of Snowshoe can get very crowded, but the back side with Cupp Run and Shays Revenge is usually pretty desolate. As you are probably aware they run a high speed quad on that side so you can really get some runs in there. Also, silver creek is quite nice with less crowds. Silver Creek is part of Snowshoe, just lower down the mountain.

Enjoy your trip,

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