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Twist of Fate

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A 15 year old girl was Lifeflighted to a Buffalo Hospital in serious condition. This was Saturday. She hit a pole while skiing at Holiday Valley where she broke her jaw fractured her scull and broke a leg. She almost choked to death because she had swallowed her retainer which required surgery to remove. She was wearing a helmet which officials claim saved her life.

Here's the twist. While undergoing a cat scan for head injuries, a malignant brain tumer was discovered. She is now undergoing treatment to shrink the tumer before they can remove it.

She is expected to make a complete recovery but more than likely would have died from the cancer. The Doctors said it would have been unlikely to have discovered it before it was too late to do anything about.

Her parents are calling it a miracle that she got injured. Strange how things happen isn't it?
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Nice to see a happy ending. Am I the only one who thinks it odd she was skiing with a retainer on?
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I find it more odd that she was wearing the retainer at all... I think I wore mine for approximately 2 weeks after getting my braces off and then promptly lost it.

Anyway, amazing story. Wish her a speedy recovery.
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Alfonse, it was probably one of those clear, hard plastic retainers you wear after your braces come off. It's like a denture......it covers your teeth front and back. It's a big piece of plastic!

Unreal, Lars! She's one lucky young woman!
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