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Mardi Gras In Vail?

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It was bound to happen. My two favorite things in the world, skiing and decadence, are slated to collide at the end of February. Has anyone partied in Vail during Mardi Gras?

I do not expect this to be as remarkably tawdry as my love New Orleans, for somehow "show your frozen t*ts" just doesn't seem plausible or frankly, humane at 15 degrees. However, I know I cannot be the only snow-senorita saluting that NOLA spirit.

What Vail bars/clubs are MUST NOT MISS this Mardi Gras? Is the street scene pretty lively? Shall I plan on being the most drunk girl there or will others be competing for the title? Should I pack my travel beads?

I appreciate your help and insight!
Let there be powder.
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I was in CO Mardi Gras week last year, and the most action I saw was in Keystone - a parade with floats, drag queen contests... people in bondage gear... it was wild.

I didn't see much in Vail though.
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I have been at Vail during their Mardi Gras too. Not much to speak of. They had a hot tub setup outside with some girls in it. Big whoops! Pretty small time event IMHO.
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For many Louisianians, Mardi Gras is a opportunity for a family vacation, since the kids get a couple days off from school.
IMO, Mardi Gras in other states is a spill-over from those of us trying to get away from the parades. I did enjoy it when I was younger.

To answer your question, Breckinridge also celebrates MG, with a small Parade of sorts. Some nice Bars along the way too.

Bring the beads, but use them to bribe a lift attendant into showing you some staches.

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