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Hello all. First post, longtime reader.

Had a chance to ski out west at Keystone first time and wanted to demo something wider than the C9's I use here in the east. Based on alot of the info I have read here, along with my skiing ability and size (level 6/7, 5'6" 155lbs), I thought I would try the Metron 10 and maybe the Nordica Eliminator. However, Christy's in Keystone only had the m11 avaliable so I demoed those instead assuming it may be a bit more demanding, but relatively close to the m10 in performance.

The m11 blew me away with it's turn initation, forgiveness and also it's stability for such a short length (162). I found the sweet spot to be huge and all except for the burning thighs, had a great time on them.
The next day I demoed the m10 (164)thinking it would be just as fun but less demanding but I really didn't find that to be the case. The m10 didn't seem to be nearly as forgiving, with a much smaller sweet spot and almost more demanding. I skied mostly packed groomed runs.

Has anyone else had a similar experience with these two skis, or could it have just been a bad tune on the m10?

Anyway, I'm going to end up purchasing one of these and I'm wondering if I should give the m10 another chance here at my home mtn.