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Question on Volkl 2003/2004 model

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I've been skiing now for 3 years, I'm 49, 5'6", 165 lbs. My level would be novice looking to improve. I'm very comfortable on greens and not real interested in blues (yet) (love that 3 mile run at Keystone!!). Anyway, its time to buy.

I've leased Volkl carver V1s for the last two years and loved them at 156cm. I'm told that this year, Volkl has replaced the carver with its energY series (220,320, etc). If the sidecut dimensions are the same and the length is the same, should I expect similar characteristics? I'm looking at either the 220 or 320, depending on pocketbook and reviews. Anyone have any thoughts on 1) the energY model in general and whether I should look at 220 or 320? Also, should I worry about getting integrated bindings? I'm told they are offered on the 320, but not the 220...

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At this stage of your skiing, I would recommend NOT buying. Wait until your at least intermediate (comfortable on al blue runs, starting to think about black) so that you KNOW what you like in a ski and can find one that you can expand your capabilities on, rather than sell/buy new gear every 4 weeks of skiing.

[img]graemlins/thumbsup.gif[/img] Good luck with your decision.
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Oz...I appreciate your advice. My situation at this point is that if I go with another season lease, or rent everytime I ski, I will have effectively purchased a pair of skis without anything to show for it. I would prefer to own my own. I'm guessing, subject to more info, that it will be worth it to me to purchase the Volkl 320's with integrated bindings for two reasons. First, it appears to be a ski I can continue to grow with for at least a few years. Second, if I decide to trade or sell them in a few years, the integrated bindings will be crucial for someone looking to pick up a pair at that point. So...I'm still seriously considering buying. If it helps, I am very, very comfortable with where I am right now. If I don't get into the blues, it doesn't really matter to me...I love those groomed cruising runs. [img]smile.gif[/img]
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If you've got the money and want to buy, then definitely buy some nice boards. But first get yourself some good boots and make sure you get fitted by someone who knows what they are doing. Good equipment will help your advancement, I have no doubt about that.

I think you could go longer than 156 on the V1. I think 170 is more like it. I don't know anything about the new skis you mentioned, but If I were you I would get some skis that were more on the intermediate side than the beginner.
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