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A little newbie gloating...

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So I headed up to Northstar on Thursday after a whole day and a half behind me on a snowboard, mostly spent on the bunny slope and wriggling around on my back in the freezing snow.

Conditions: Decent. A light dusting of fresh, sparse crowds by Northstar standards, and **finally** a bit of a longer newbie run than the midget baby slopes I was farting with at Donner and Sierra.

Trouble was, my turns wern't working. Toe-side turns... ummm-ok. Heel-side turns... eeehh. Kept turning the board all the way into the hill and skidding to a stop. I was stressing over those ill heel-side turns, which hadn't given me a problem before.

A little futzing with binding and lean angles didn't help. After two hours, frustrated, I hightailed it to the lodge, about ready to break the skis out of the car.

A little time for some reflection and self analysis, what was wrong, what was wrong. I was making my heel-side turns a-ok, just to completion every time. What was really the problem? What was I really trying to accomplish? A quicker transition to toe-side, right? Yes! I was hesitating innitiating my toe-side turns, which I am already quite aware make me uncomfortable (turning my back on the fall line and all)!

I have to work on toe side turns to solve my problem!

With renewed purpose I headed back for the lift. Let's do this! Toe side, work it, hang it out, com'mon. Pretty soon I was talking myself through my whole ride down the hill: "Heel-heel-heel, quick now toe, toe, toe, toe, hang on to it, heel-heel-heel... faster now... heel, toe, toe, heel, toe toe..."

Damn I wish I could have seen the stupid grin on my face!!!

In the 3:00 hour I got off the bunny hill and headed up Comstock. My runs down Skidtrail were taking awhile, thanks in part to the long traverse along the ridge, but I managed three passes and just in time made the 3:58 Comstock chair for one last run.

This one down I took a chance on the narrow Flume trail -- something I don't even sneeze at on skis but experienced a whole new level of anticipation on the board. Shakey at the start, I began working the quick turns to stay in the center of the trail and, despite a couple of falls, resulted in an epic run. Grin to finish the day.

Friday I headed south to Sierra and skied the whole day, just to remind myself what self-confidence mixed with a little bit of speed felt like.

Saturday was Sugarbowl.

Conditions: Horizontal, stinging snow. 60-70mph gusts at the peak elevations. Cold. Pleantiful, fresh coverage interspersed with sections of wind-blown ice. Moderate visibility laced with periods of intermittant white-out. Gust that roiled up the hill and literally stopped anyone in their tracks if they were moving too slow.

I so rocked. First tracks on the 9am lift (yeah, it was the beginner's run, so what?!?). Expecting difficulties, I was amazed at how easy and confident my turns had become. Bail on a turn? Who cares, as I disappear into an exploding poof of soft powder that wafted clear in the fast air!!! Amazing.

I soon eyed up a couple of black runs and took my shot. No, not "clean" by any stretch of the imagination, but I linked a handful of decent turns in between spaz-outs.

As the day turned to afternoon and my companions retired to the lodge, I ventured over to the Village side and threw myself at a number of circuits of the Mistletoe run under the Christmas Tree lift. Powder drifts pockmarked with icy patches were the order of business, and I convinced myself to stick with the numerous false turns and flailing wipeouts long after my quads were screaming for relief. 3:50, hurry, just enough time for one more ride up Judah!

Holy crap, I'm a snowboarder!

(Fear not, skis, I intend to remain fully conversant in both languages.)
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Wait, so how long does it take to become a snowboarding instructor?.. 3 days?.. = P

No, seriously.. that's great that you're advancing so quickly. I plan on picking up snowboarding soon and just hope I can do the same.
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fast curve- nice.
i delivered pizza for one of the resort pizzerias, there, in '90, to score
employee housing at 'hilltop' (overlooking commercial row), while training at donner.
rarely rode or skied there, (was booted from the mountain every run I ever took there) though, but i did deliver a black olive/green pepper pizza to william shatner at the resort, once....
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Greetings, Starfighter. You have been recruited by the Star League to defend the frontier against Xur and the Ko-Dan armada.
Greetings Crossdresser. You have been recruited by AASI to defend the slopes against Taos and the TooPlank Bigot Tree.

Make sure you buy some baggy snowboard pants!

and get some stickers!
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Originally Posted by jonpole
Wait, so how long does it take to become a snowboarding instructor?.. 3 days?.. = P
it takes 6 days, cuz you gotta do it switch
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