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Good day to ski - Temperature Range

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Just curious as to what temperature ranges people consider good for skiing and what temperature ranges are horrible.

Personally, I think 0C (32F) to -10C (14F) are my limits. Any colder and I usually refuse to crawl out of bed to go.

I've done one day of -17C(1.4F) and it was so cold that I had to go in every 1.5-2.0 hours to warm up.

Also, I ask because it's been like 8C (46F) lately in Southern Ontario and that's just too warm to go skiing and too cold to go golfing.
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I think the coldest I've ever skied was -23F not including windchill (2 week bc exped in the Wind River range, WY). Cold, but I'd do it again in a heartbeat.

Anything below 30F and I'm good. I dont like skiing when its warm. Not that I won't though ...
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To a point, the colder the better. It keeps the Nancy Boys ( and girls ) in the lodge. Wind also keeps 'em off the slopes and sipping hot cocoa.
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If it gets below -20 C, I start taking actual warm-up breaks. -25 is about my limit for skiing, although that depends a bit on the wind chill. My ideal temperature would be about -5 to -10 C or about 14 to 23 degrees F. I can't understand why some people spread the rumour that it is cold in Banff in January--it seems like prime skiing weather to me.

They did shut down the hills in Banff last winter when it dipped below -35C with a brisk wind.
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My happiness zone is 20F-30F -- here the snow stays in good shape and I can dress ideally with minimal thin baselayers and an outer shell.
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With fresh snow I prefer temps in the 25-29 degree range for comfort and good snow. If it hasn't snowed in a long time I'd rather have temps above 32 then hard-pack ice. The coldest I've ever been was -2 at Hyak w/17" new snow. It was awesome conditions, but very few people could stand to be out in the cold for very long. It rarely gets that cold here in the WA ski areas so most people didn't have the gear for it (including myself), but I was out in it as much as I could until the fingers and toes went numb.

Warmest conditions I've been was low 70's at Blackcomb in July. I got one horrible sunburn that day.
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-20 F is about my limit. I can deal with some amount of severe cold, but if it's -20 outside, I typically won't go for more than several runs.

On the hot end, I think that there is no limit to when I'd ski. If it was 80F outside, you bet I'd be out there in shorts and a t shirt!

But I prefer it to be around 10-30F. That's my comfort zone for sure.
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I've skied at minus 25 degrees F and at plus 55 degrees F. I've skied repeatedly and wouldn't think anything of staying out in temps in the minus 10degree F range. The best thing about that cold a temperature is that it almost always is accompanied by sunlight. To me, the light is a blessing. The cold is just something to tolerate, and I have the gear to allow it. As mentioned before, the cold also keeps the crowd down.

Warmer temperatures, as above 40 degrees F, especially in sunlight, makes all the crazies come out. Makes me sweat too. I'd rather be in the cold than have that kind of circumstance.

I prefer skiing on softer snow with temperatures around the freezing range.
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After getting pretty badly frostbitten while skiing I don't go if it's under -20 C(-4F)-25C(-13 F) anymore.
Of course, if it's REALLY epic, i go anyway, make sure to cover up and take breakes...
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It depends ...

As with everything it depends ...

5° at say Solitude on a sunny day isn't nearly as uncomfortable as 20° at somewhere in the east on a grey humid day.

22° is otpimal. Yes, 22°
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