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okay, i don't board or tele, but my best friend from college does both.

i'd never heard of teleboarding until this post and at first i thought you were talking about those split boards that people use for AT/BC action.


my, was i wrong!

this is crazy. i still can't see the benefits of going tele on a board, though.
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Originally Posted by bennerlur View Post
the monoski is still synonomous with "that thing gay people ski on" in a lot of pple's minds. i realize that things have changed, but that is still the view that a lot of pple have. also, the monoski is just less versatile, harder to learn, inefficent etc. than 2 skis.
The mono-ski isn't gay. Its just a snowboard that's playing for the other team. I just don't care for the one piece suit (fart bag) cowboy hat or bandana on the knee.
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There's a group of local monoskiers at Alta. I see 'em all the time.
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Originally Posted by telerod15 View Post
Andrew, have you Teleboarded yet? I'd like to know how you think it compares to monoski.
Sorry to say that I have not tried teleboarding yet Telerod. It's not from want of trying but I just have not been able to get my hands on one. They are very rare here in Oz. I did briefly see one in action a few years ago but I have asked around the shops and importers and had no luck tracking one down. I draw the line at importing one direct with all the expense and uncertainty...... maybe I am getting soft.......... nah, can't be that.....
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Not common here either. Mine is the only one I've seen. I ordered from Uniboard after reading a short humorous article in a skiing magazine about alternative sliding devices such as snow bikes, etc. I knew I had to have one.

Understand that shipping to Aus could add alot, but the boards are very inexpensive here n USA compared to snowboard or skis. Of course, if you don't already have sturdy tele boots cost of Teleboarding increases. They do have nice package deals though, if you need new boots.

There should be no uncertainty, you would love it. I haven't monoskied but Teleboard is lighter, longer, narrower than your Prime. The stance, feet close together like monoski but angled and staggered like snowboard is a nice synthesis. The stagger allows a narrower waist than skwal, and the freeheel allows greater fore/aft mobility and more natural stance.

Because you telemark, and monoski on a snowboard, I figured you would be interested. I hope you can get ahold of one.
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I think the French cornered the market on them.
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I had a Dynastar mono back in the late '80's. Several of us who were going to college and working in the local ski shop bought 'em (shop employee pricing made it too hard to pass up). The coolest thing about it was that we'd have a group of 3-4 of us on 'em, and we'd get lots of attention (which is THEE most important thing in life to a group of 22 y.o. male college students). I sold it when I graduated, and haven't had much desire to ever ski one again.

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Stereotype Alert!

"the monoski is still synonomous with "that thing gay people ski on"

none of my gay friends ride monoskis. they either tele or board. or borrow my Mantras.
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Originally Posted by dtraub1 View Post
*If there was a monoski competition, a good skier or snowboarder would kick ass over any monoskier.
Calling Bullshit. It's all about the rider, also in this case. Check Derby de LaMeije in LaGrave...monoskiers have done pretty well.

Also, what I've heard is that the current speed record of the classic Glacier Rond in Cham belongs to this guy (yes, it IS steep, and yes I have skied it, maybe 100times slower...heh. A shot from the exit couloir around 3.15~3.40 on the video below. Not to mention there's some alot gnarlier stuff too, like North Face of Aguille du Midi...):

http://www.tkbfilms.com/film-e-viva-mono.html (or straight link to video: http://www.tkbfilms.com/film-e-viva-mono.htm)

Maybe not the best tool for transportation in the mountains. But in the right conditions mono can just kill it...

(This from the guy who tried it once in hard pack conditions and thought it sucked. Anyhow, I'd tried it again immediately in the right place and time)

EDIT: I pretty much doubt that anyone on this forum could keep up with that "Pif" guy on a powder day in Cham. And also believe he's as good as (or even better) than most current top freeriders in skiing or snowboarding.
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The monoski/teleboard/skwalboards....etc. are alive and well !!
These things have evolved from the humble "Snurfer" (a completely different topic worthy of its own thread..search Epicski and search engines for it...) into powderboards, freestyle boards, raceboards...you name it..

The devotees are seriously dedicated to the monoskis....I have yet to try one...(ouch)...

Some examples:

Alufex Monoski:


MPride (race boards!)

SnowShark MonoSkis (Powder and twin-tip monos)

SwellPanik MonoSki (see the CVV192 - beautiful wood)

(aforementioned) TeleboardUSA
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monoskis .... a trip down memory lane ..

Had to try them on a trip to France in the late 80s. Got off the chair, slid backwards right over some ladys skis and fell right at the feet of her enormous boyfriend. Good thing he was laughing so hard or I might have had a problem.

Boughta Rossignol 185 kevlar board or some such thing at a going out of business ale at a local shop. Put demo Solomon 747 demo bindings on it ...

Is kind of like sitting on a chair and trying to balance on two legs. You have to lean enough to get it on edge and then use your uphill foot to push the ski flatter when you are about to tip over. Not really hard but uses a lot of techniques that are no-nos in skiing - rotation, inclination without angulation, etc...

Was fun at the time and a friend now has the board and brings it out once a year on Retro Day - the best day of teh year btw!

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okay, that video of Pif is sickness.

dude's stance is kinda trippy, though. he rides the tail a lot and sort of seems to lean back. also a lot of sliding out (kind of reminds me of how folks smear and slurf their Spats). he also straightlines a ton. and i detect a bit of snowboard stylee in their, as well. makes it look easy and fun, that's for sure.

he totally switches up his style later in the vid, though, when he starts doing pop/jump turns.

and in a few spots he even looks like he's surfing more than skiing.
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Originally Posted by Meganne View Post
The mono has a reputation for causing catastrophic spinal injuries (rotational fractures).
Hmm. Why would that be?
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Look for Apocalypse Snow, totally sick monoski film featuring however the first ever popular snowboard movie too (if not the very first). The french rider in that movie in part one on the snowboard was basically the very first European snowboarder, and even though the material is shitty and he's just beginning to snowboard (first season - learning everything by himself) he rides with a hell of a lot of style.

I think by that time in the early 80s Monoskis were a lot cooler and had quite large advantages over skis and snowboards (for which you couldn't even get anything like boots or bindings similar to what is used now).
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A buddy of mine rides a monoski AND HE IS NOT GAY!!!!

Another guy rips the shite out of a monoski at Fernie.

Some take it up because they get bored with skiing and others, like my friend, because of a serious knee injury.
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