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Former Nordica Bindings

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This topic was up a few weeks ago, but i don't recall the thread. But someone had asked abotu the Nordica SynAxis bindings, and how safe they were. The question of who built them was brought up. Someone, i have forgotten who, said they were built by VIST, and that is the case it appears. I was checking out their website, and where there used to be nothing under the binding section, now appears to be the former Nordica line. I know that VIST builds all of their plates, so it only makes sense that they would build the bindings as well.

Now here is my question: Where do you think VIST is going with this? Could we see another binding company emerge to start building integrated systems with various other companies (Stockli)?? VIST is a very young company still - not even 10 years old, and they have grown to be a huge supplier of performance race and carving plates for many of the top notch ski companies out there. I today's ski market, plate/binding systems is where its at... as far as performance i think VIST has the market cornered. I hope that if they do start building a system type of plate for other manufaturers, they do not cheapen the quality and performance of their products, since they are the best in the business in that respect.

Why did Nordica chose to drop VIST as their binding company - anyone know? Are there plans for these bindings to go on other skis - possibly starting in Europe??


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Nordica did not choice to drop VIST. Volkl, which owns Marker, bought Nordica earlier this year and opted to integrate thier Marker bindings with the Nordica skis.

It should be interesting to see what happens with VIST. I have a pair of last year's Nordica Beast 75s with the VIST bindings and they look very well made & designed. I am anxious to see how well they work.

They have patents on their design and if they work well I'm sure one of the few independent ski companies will be wanted to buy them out or make a distribution agreement so they can compete with Salomon, Rossignol, Atomic, Volkl/Technica/Marker & Head/Tyrolia. With the big discounts ski shops get for buying skis, boots & bindings from one company it is getting harder & harder for independent ski companies to compete.
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Rio is 99,9999999% right. Only a small thing, Tecnica has bought Nordica, not Volkl. But I'm too picky, since the two companies seem to have such tight ties as to be one.
I was surprised too, when I started to see ads with Nordicas and the small logo: Powered by Marker.
But, Elan and K2 have similar agreement with Marker, too.
And, I don't find the piece of paper anymore, but it looks loke Dolomite (Italian importer of Elan) has been bought by Tecnica too.
Now I'm troubled, with all those overlapping products... (think just the Dobermann S, the Tecnica XT 17/24 and the Dolomite Rage Pro) some will have to go.
As for Vist, I was really surprised when Nordica announced a new binding line last year, rather than an agreement with an already existing manufacturer. Bt it could well be that the bindings were Vist's since the beginning and they had an exclusive agreement with Nordica (it's only speculation from my part) which was somehow invalidated when Nordica was sold.
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