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What to demo? (help a sistah out!)

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Done some preliminary searches but figure I'll post up to try and get some more specific (to me) responses.

Will be going to my first demo day next week and it just occurred to me (durh) that maybe I should go with some ideas of things to try! Ok...problem is, I don't really know anything about skis that would be good for someone my level.

Some info about me:

5'3" 135 lbs on a good day female skiier, been skiing on my own skis for 2 seasons (142 cm Volkl 320 Gamma Energy) that I feel may be too short for me. I am comfortable with my feet parallel (doing skidded turns maybe?) on blues/most black runs and even doubles depending on conditions and other factors (this is PA we're talking here, so I haven't been on anything really big). Starting to figure out the carving thing, but haven't really gotten it yet. Can't ski bumps for the life of me, nor am I very good on ungroomed, but I'm getting much better and hope to be taking a few lessons in that area before the season wraps up. Mostly self-taught, aggressive skiier possibly level 5-6 (who the heck knows)? Skiing mostly in the NEast, possibly a trip out west next season.

ISO good intermediate-advanced ski that will allow me to progress (I worry my Volkls may be holding me back a bit). Looking for skis that will be good on crud/ice you know the usual Mid-atlantic conditions, preferably something with a decent sidecut so that I can try and work on the carving thang.

Is there a ski out there that fits all these criteria? I'm willing to compromise...really I just want to have a fun day and try some different skis out! (oh yeah, as of now according to another user on this site, there will be Atomic, Fischer, K2, Rossignol and Blizzard there).

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Be sure to try the Fischer RX-6 in a 160cm and a Fischer Vision 50 in the same size. The RX-6 is a unisex model for intermediates to expert skiers, the Vision 50 is a female specific model for the same type of skier.

Hope you have fun,

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Fischer: V-50, V-73
K2: One Luv
Rossi: Saphir 300
Atomic: B-9.6

A big yowza from Katherine (My Diva wms ski salesperson) for the V-50 which she loves.........

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