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Why these SBers sit in the middle of the trails????? - Page 2

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Don't be too hard on them.

They're putting themselves in a position where somebody is likely to run over their head sooner or later.

They'll probably not do it after that. LOL
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A friend on mine penned a song that provides a simple solution. A few bars:

(To the tune: Mama's Don't Let Your Babies Grow Up to be Cowboys)

Mama's don't let your babies grow up to ride snowboards

Don't let them buy long baggy clothes, die their hair purple, wear rings in their nose

Mama's don't let your babies grow up to ride snowboards

Their nothing but rude, often times crude and push all the good snow away
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Can't let good piss go by without my $.02

For me a big part of it is attitude and disrespect that is cultivated by the culture of boarding (skate and snow) by a specific age group. It's definately a cool sport but please check the attitude at the door. I had a friend who's son was a really good hockey player and a upstanding kid. He started hanging at the local skate park one summer. All of sudden he started showing alot of disrecpect to his mother and other people. I think his skate board went under lock and key after that.

I have good conversations with boarders on the lift all the time But when you get a pack of juv's on the slopes look out.

I get pissed when they are to cool for school (lessons) and venture into steep terrain turn their board comletely sideways and scrape there way down (i'm sure that's been discussed before). When they line up 4 abreast with there boards end to end it just makes for a little gate to ski through. I just make sure I roost a big spray on them when I go buy.

Respect, that's all it is.
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Originally Posted by zerozero
I'm in the Rocky Mountain division, precisely New Mexico.

A small local hill near Albuquerque was the scene of a tragic death a few years leading to the "5989" (number of days the kid was alive) campaign around this state.

Last year, a great co-worker and skier also died on our hill in Santa Fe. Events like this reinforce for us, the importance of teaching students solid riding foundations early on for skiers and boarders alike.

Safety, fun and learning are in fact priorities at our mountain.
I am in Colorado, I am glad to see your mountain take notice and be the solution. I don't know of the accident but from the mention I would assume it was similar to this subject. Were there any charges filed in the case. Was there anyone at fault.

My biggest issue with this is when the aforementioned takes place (instructor stops class when it can't be seen from above) when I point out the mistake that has been made. The instructors always seem to have this high and mighty approach that they are in charge. YOU ARE NOT in charge.

It is the responsiblity of the ski school to teach or help people learn the correct way. Not to argue because you are some employee of the ski area!

PS I see the problem with skiers more than the snow boarders
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Originally Posted by learn2turn
I don't dislike snowboarders but I do notice a trend when the sit and it has to do with their orientation to their equipment.

WHen skiers stand with their skis across the fall line and they line up side-to-side with their buddies, they make a line up the hill, not accross it. They block a width of the trail equivelent to the length of the longest ski.

When snowboarders stand, or sit, with their boards across the fall line and line up side-to-sdie with their buddies, they run across the width of the trail. The block a width equivelent to the sum of all the board lengths.

There in lies the problem. Everyone wants to be social and to be social you want to be side-by-side, you don't want to be talking into the back of your buddies head or talk to someone directly behind you.

I've seen instructors in beginner snowboard lessons teach the newbies to line up in a row up the hill, sitting or standing doesn't matter. I guess most newbies either forget this simple matter of etiquette or else where never taught it.
That's a really great point, Ken. I hadn't thought about it that way, but I think you are exactly right. That, plus the fact that it's easiest to sit down when you stop on a snowboard and so you are therefore perhaps more likely to stay stopped for longer than a skier would.
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Why cant we all just get along??

When I get shoved off to the side of a run because snowboarders are scattered about, I either slow down and yell "move over, you are blocking the run" (nicely) or just come to a quick and spray-filled stop aimed right at them, smile and say "whoops, didn't see you sitting there in the middle of the run"

I have been skiing since I was little (my 26th season this year) and when I was in ski school, we learned things that I never hear from the up 'n comers like:
-yelling "on your left" as you pass someone so as not to scare them as you pass
- when you do stop on the side of the run (if it is indeed on the side) stopping below people so as not to accidentally stop too late and take them out like dominoes
-never stopping below a ridge, but in a visible location
-and slowing down or stopping before you get in to the lift line as opposed to barreling in to line and scaring everyone, and then waiting in the line for your friends and letting everyone pass as you clog up the line.
-and moving out of the way of the chairlift to buckle up so people have room to unload with out having to run people over.

What happened to these basics? Was it just a Vermont in the 80's thing?
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The horse is in pieces guys. Time to end it.
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But not till someone gives me a good recipe for em"
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No question about it. Snowboarders constitute a hazard, that we have to watch out for.

Recently, a teenage girl passed me in the approach to the lift line and did a hockey stop - sit down right in front of me. As I manuvered around this hazard, I just told her that, someday, someone was going to run over her. She was oblivious. Hmmm.. someday someone is going to run over her.

I tapped a border with my skis in the lift line because he was swinging his board in front of me without even looking as he was talking to his buddies. I just pushed ahead, blocking his board with my skis.

I had a boarder literally body check me from behind on a cat track. Fortunately I was heavy enough to take the blow and not lose control.

So, don't say, don't bother with the complaints. The complaints are real and snowboarders are trainwrecks in progress.
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i can't stand snowboarders. I totally understand what all ofyou are saying. I wish theu're were mountains or certain areas other than the terrain park where it was restricted that they stay. They all think they own the place.
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unfortunately, the sport which i pursued as a serious competitor in the 80s and 90s has now become one of the biggest outlets for suburban WASP poseurdom. there are very, very few serious athletes involved in modern boarding, mostly spoiled little poseurs who badgered mom and dad to buy them the most expensive and fashionable clothes and the decks with the coolest graphics. most could give a rat's ass about the actual sport, they're there to have a fashionista dick-swinging contest and to practice their really bad pseudo-californian accents intersepersed with the expressions they've shoplifted from MTV hip-hop culture while basking safely in the glow of their wide-screen plasma TVs in their folks' McMansions.
The industry, while finding their blind and deep-pocketed consumersim mesmerizing, is in for some rude awakenings as the litigation mounts.

you wanna make a few million running a resort? offer some skier-only lifts/terrain.
the days of sportf*cking are long over
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