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PTEX hairs

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Should any ptex hairs be present on a ski after a stone grind at the shop?

I took a pair to get stone ground, and what I got back seemed fine. Then I wanted to change the wax to something COMPLETELY different, so I went the citrus solvent route.

What I found under that wax, was many ptex hairs. I got rid of them with a fibrelene pad, stroked from head to tail.

Was that the right thing (TM) to do?

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Yes that should work. But I won't worry to much unless your one of the top 10 racers in the world, for most of us it really doesn't matter.
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yeah bro thats normal... and its good that you did that.
take a steel brush, and some sand paper wrapped tightly over a scraper, and brush and scrape out the base to completely bring out the new structure.
wax them alot. a stone grind takes out all of your old wax that you had in your base.
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