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Crested Butte - Teocalli Bowl

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I'm heading out to CB this week and wanted to see if anyone out there can fill me in on goods with Teocalli Bowl. It looks like it's on the backside of the mountain on the trail map. Is there a long catwalk exit around the base to get back to the lifts? I'll pick up the extreme guide when I get there, but wanted to get a heads up on this.

Should this be on my "to do" list? I'm only going to be in for 2 days of skiing. Currently plan to spend time in the Northface/Spellbound/Phoenix area and also Headwall and Upper Peel/Peel if conditions are good.

Looks like the snow is blowing so hoping for a couple of great days! Chiro
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My cousin lives and ski's there.. He likes 3rd bowl, mushroom bowl, and teo.

Good luck out there its STEEP
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