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Thoughts for early April trip

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Due to family/school type issues, the only chance I will have for a western trip this year will be the first week of April, coinciding with spring break. Just myself and my 10 year old son will be going. Travel will be from Cincinnati.

In the past, we have made a few trips to Big Mountain, MT., and have enjoyed it immensely. At this time, it is simply too expensive to make it up that way, not to mention, things are pretty soft that late.

Need to keep the whole deal as inexpensive as possible. SLC is the obvious choice. Any other thoughts that late?

BTW, we ski any blue, and some of the blacks, as long as they aren't too icy or bumped. Being midwestern skiers, soft snow is something I don't get to see with any regularity and I've never had the pleasure of skiing power.

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An alternative would be to fly into Denver & stay in Dillon/Frisco. Hotels there (not at the resorts) should be reasonable. Although in April you might find some deals at the resorts (the Inn at Keystone, perhaps). You could ski at any of the Summit County Resorts. The thing working for you there is elevation.
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come ski with the biggest bengals fan in winter park.....who-dey
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Dr. Skinny,

Thanks for the note. Yeah, I was thinking about Colorado, and I know the elevation thing is good, but not sure how my body would handle it. Since I will be with my kid, the extent of my partying will likely be an occasional beer or two.

A couple of other threads mentioned Mammoth and Alta/Snowbird. Whatever we find, it has to be done on the cheap. Would prefere to come up with something that doesn't require the extra expense/hassle of renting a car. That late, there should be some cheap lodging available onsite.

The trip doesn't even have to be 'epic', just darned good. Last year in April we skied on mashed potatoes and slush at Snowshoe. Even that was OK, from first chair till noon.


I will keep the WP idea open. It looks like its high enough, and open late enough. Is there a shuttle option to get there? Any inexpensive, onsite lodging, that late. Remember, the only western resort that I've made it too is Big Mountain.

As to the Bengals...I have a really tough time supporting them after they held the city hostage for a new stadium. Even though they passed a 1/2 cent sales tax levy to finance, they have recently come to the conclusion, its not enough to service the debt. They also ran tremendous cost overruns on the project, allowing the principle contractor to be the project manager for the city. And, we the taxpayers guarantee a certain minimum number of butts in the seats. The team owners get to laugh all the way to the bank. The team even gave the principal politico a full time staff position for pushing the project through. I just don't believe in financing private enterprise with public dollars.

Off soap box now.
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i'd recommend SLC or summit county too, although i wouldnt anticipate finding much under $75 a night with-in walking distance to the lifts; but having the best chance of having quality snow in april is worth it to me.
also, shuttles are usually at least $50 per person and you usually have to leave the mountain an hour or 2 earlier than a car rental. unless, youre saving over $100, i'd choose a rental.
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On UT in april...Having skied there in July, I can attest that late season conditions at Snowbird are typically about the best in the nation. But Snowbird is low on groomers and blue trails. Alta should be great but if it matters to you only one high-speed and not great groomers off that. Solitude would be a great bet Ihtink. Around PC by that time it is typically getting pretty mushy and even bre in trafficed places. I would note that we aren't having the greatest year in terms of base and form what I've heard summit county CO is having a better year?
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Dave, I scraped my plans to take my 13 yo son to Alta over his spring break when I found out he had a couple of days off school for teacher inservice training in early March. We are still going to Alta then. I had decided that the chances of the snow being good at Alta Snowbird would be better than most in april.

We are staying in a not inexpensive room at the Peruvian without a bathroom, just like we would have if we'd gone in April. Though the room isn't cheap, we won't need to rent a car and all the meals are included. The Peruvian has a nice outdoor pool. I reckon our days will be spent skiing, followed by a soak - dinner and bed. I expect I'll enjoy a cold beer at the end of a long day too.

When I looked at all things, I decided that staying at the Peruvian wasn't really any more expensive than staying down in the valley. I think it'll also be less stressfull than packing up and down the canyon each day, searching out places to eat etc.

I'll post about it after the fact, but my gut tells me it's probably going to be a good deal.
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i would also add to pick an area on airfare,price, etc., slc or colorado or somewhere else; then come back an ask which would best fit your abilities.
you may mine out better answers.
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skicougar, Lodro, and MisterK,

Looks like I should start trying to figure out a decent deal for LCC. Will also check out the Solitude option. That will really give my son and me something to look forward too. The kid has really had the homework/projects pile up after Christmas break, and they start into the state mandated testing season early in March. We will both be in need of some serious decompression when spring break rolls around.


That Peruvian idea sounds nice. Having a bathroom down the hall doesn't bother me one bit. I realize its not inexpensive, but do you know if it gets any cheaper late season? For 3 nights, I could probably make it work, especially since we won't be needing a car. As indicated, when looking at the whole package, it still might be a good value. It would also negate this issue of getting organized in the AM to get on the bus up the hill. What is the best/cheapest method of getting the two of us from the airport to Alta, and back?

BTW, is there a shuttle over to Snowbird, if I want to try that for a day? I know they offer a linked ticket, but at additional cost. I'm sure there is enough to keep us busy a couple of days at each location.

As to the ungroomed...I'm ready to give it a go. Lately, at Perfect North, grooming has been infrequent, in an effort to preserve what little snow they have. It's sticky, homemade Indiana mush, not Utah powder, and now that I've downsized from 190cm, early, narrow shapes, to 170cm, Vertigo Motions, I'm having a much better time dealing with such conditions. If it gets deep, I suppose we can always rent something a bit wider.
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Dave, we are going to use the Alta Shuttle to get from the the Airport to Alta. http://www.altashuttle.com/ There are two free shuttle options between Alta and Snowbird.

I don't know if there are any April deals at the Peruvian, but the Snowpine throws in lift tickets with the room late season. The Snowpine doesn't have the big outdoor pool like the Peruvian, which is a factor to me because it adds an activity at the end of the day we will enjoy. The snowpine is a similar place with meals included. I wouldn't be suprised if there were deals at the Peruvian in April. Call them and ask.

I'm looking forward to the low key atmosphere of the Peruvian. I think it will be the perfect place. My son is pretty social with other adults and I think he's going to fit in very well in that type of environment. It's going to be great not having to schlep him all over for meals and back and forth to the hotel after long days of skiing.

The combined Alta-Snowbird area is huge and there will be more than plenty of terrain to explore

I will know much more about how all this stuff works after my trip March 7th - 12th and I'll be glad to fill you in on all the details. Traveling and skiing with my son has always been great fun, but it's also much different than going on a trip with adult friends.
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