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Salomon Crossmax 8 Pilot

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Is this a good choice for an intermediate skier who wants to improve (move from only blues to blacks)?
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Crossmax series is really no good in my opinion. If you would like to stick to solomon go with the x-screams. Other wise I would look at the Volkl g3 or maybe the K2 axis xt or the rossi b1. Good luck!

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Isn't the X Scream series more geared towards advanced/experts?
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skinoww -

What is your height and weight? Can you provide more detail on your skiing ability and preferred terrain?

I ski on the 2004 CrossMax 10 Pilot and quite like it. I'm a race coach on the weekends and an instructor for a couple nights during the week, so I'd consider myself fairly advanced. I'm about 5'10" and 160 lbs and I don't overpower the 165cm version of the ski.

The CrossMax 8 Pilot will be less stiff, and therefore more forgiving for an intermediate skier looking to improve. However, if you're much bigger than me, you make soon find that this ski is a little noodle-ish underfoot, and you might want to step up a notch.

Let me know if you have any other questions.

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I'm 5'8" and weight a little over 140. I'm an intermediate skier (stick to blues almost exclusively but seeking to hit blacks as I get better), skied only in the East (but might go West in the spring), and I've never skied off trail.
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Sounds like a crossmax 8 pilot would suit you well. Just don't go too long.
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Crossmax 8 is a good choice for that ture intermidiate skier (blues only).

However, if you plan on doing more blacks this year, you may wish to try the 9. It will be more stable at faster speeds.

As some one mentioned try the scream series, but try the Scream 8 more intermidiate rating and will be better in the softer snow and more all-mountian specific. Personally the Crossmax series are groomer type skiing.

Best of luck.
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skinoww -

I've gotta say I agree with dchan and Calma. The CrossMax 8 sounds like it would suit you well. But, if you think you're going to progress quickly from blues to blacks, think about getting the CrossMax 9.

And while the CrossMax series is aimed mostly at those of us skiing groomers (even if its not necessarily by choice), I've personally found it acceptable for all-mountain skiing (carpet, bumps, crud, etc.) on blues, blacks and double-blacks. At some point, the pilot makes more of a difference than the planks.

(Aside: Before I get trashed about us Easterner's not having true double-blacks, I'll point out that Marble Mountain, NF was noted as having the 3rd most difficult trail in Canada several years back by Ski Canada - Boomerang.)

Cheers gang,
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Not to add confusion but,IMO Salomon skis lack edge hold. Atomic and Volkl to me have more built in edge grip. I would suggest something like the Volkl G2/AX2 or if your a female, may be the Gamma line in that same ski. Atomic has there C8 or C9.
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Must remember that Atomic and Volkl tend to be stiffer skis then Salomon.

Salomon has engineered their skis to be softer flexing, more like driving a sports car, must be done with finess.

If you want recommendations for other options:

1) C9
2) R9

1) C160
2) Monster Mi 70

1) Cobra
2) B1
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Thanks everyone for all the recommendations! I found a great deal on ebay for Atomic E9's - I think they're just right for my skill level and I can grow into them...without busting the bank! The R9's and Rossi B1/2 also interested me but I didn't find any good deals on those. Maybe next year...
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