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Volkl Karma?

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I just joined this forum, and I have already read a lot of good stuff. I am currently a student in Vermont and have skied 18+ times this year already, plus have been skiing the last 13 years of my life for at least 16+ days each year. I ski a lot on the east coast, but usually ski out west for about 10 days each year as well. I am looking to buy a pair of skis that are decent for all-mountain but also twin-tipped. From what Ive read, the Karma seems to be the best ski ive seen in this category. What length would I want though?

I am:
200 lbs
Own a Salomon Superaxe Equip 3V length 176 (I love it, and would keep it in my quiver)
expert skiier

Thanks so much,
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Volkl Karma

Vermont, eh? I'm about 185lbs and I loved the karma in 177. It would probably be best in the tighter trees you get around smuggs and stowe.
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Nice, I was also wondering what type of binding I would possibly want? One of my friends suggested Rossi as the brand to go with. Also are there any other skis that would be comparable to the Karma?
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Im going to be getting the karma 177 myself, but I also need some info on bindings. From talk to the guys at my loc. ski shop they said either the Salmon 912, the Marker Free, or the Rossi 120 TI.................And for choices for another ski besides the Karma people seem to be talking a lot about the Public enemy and the Salomon 1080 foil. For me it came down to the foil and the karma, but from all the post I got on a past thread everyone told me to go with the karma.
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yeah, I think that I am settled on the Karma. it has great reviews from everything Ive read and heard. I also think the 177 lenght sounds good. I have one last question, when are the best sales? Is it better to buy in the summer or at the end of season sales? does it matter? Well, back to my 26 page paper on Turkey and the EU...

thanks for the help,
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I'm a racer, so I don't know if my help will be applicable, but I *really* like the Marker Comp 1200/1400s.

With best wishes,
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arent those a lil too wide
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