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Atomic Sugar Daddy

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This is not a full review but will post one after more time is spent on the skis...

FUN FUN FUN!! Rode these puppies in a 183cm (shortest ski I have been on since I was 12).

It was a mircle day up in the PNW with a foot of blow away fluff. The issue was that the snow was so light that every turn you'ld hit the hardpan underneath. I felt like I did not need a fat ski but must say the Sugar's did a great job.

Where I had the most fun was in the cut up crud. These skis did not appear to have a speed limit and I could wind em out on long GS turns without any fleebiness of deflection.

On the groomed the performed pretty well, but the ski is not designed for that purpouse.

Once I get more days on them and get the real feeling of the ski I'll do a review.

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I would have to agree with you. I was lucky enough to get a hold of a pair a few weeks ago 9Also 183's) and now I have to buy a pair next year. Unfortunalily the snow was not the best (didn't snow for a week and a half. Firm crud and very choppy bowls). Through it all this ski shined. I have been on a pair of XXX's all season and the Sugar Daddys blew them away. They cut through the crud like no other and I found no speed limit on them even though I tried hard. They have a large turn radius and like big turns which is how I ski anyways. I really want to try them in the deep stuff as I feel they will really shine with a 99mm waist. On the groomers I did not feel that they were any worse than my XXX's but this is not the ski for the groomers. Another great thing is that they are extreamly light for their size. They wern't noticabily heavier than my XXX's even with the demo plates. Overall if you like the soft stuff and have relatively good skills this is a great ski for you. The one thing is if you get on the back seat they will take you for a ride.
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pman, I think the whole back seat thing applies to just about any Atomic I have been on. I ski on a more even flexed ski (Axis X Pro) and at times I like to load the tail up, but on Atomics you do that and BOING!

I have 200cm AK Rockets now. I love the skis in open fresh glades, but beyond that they do not have any sort of edge hold and are far too big and cumbersome to manuver when it gets tight or bumpy. The in area performance is lacking severly.

After the Sugar's I do want to try out the 183 Pocket Rocket, but yet again it is a Salomon which overall tend to be a softer ski.

I'm taking the Sugar's to Fernie and Kicking Horse the week after next and hoping for a late March dump. I am looking forward to spending more time on them cause yes, they rock.

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Let me know how they do in varied conditions. The day I had them weren't the ideal condition for the ski so I am very interested in how they do in the crud and pow. I was so amazed at how well they did in the crap that I want to get them in some good snow. I have a pair of XXX's now and love them in the pow. My only issue with them is that I tend to overpower them a bit in the crud being that they are a relatively soft ski (I have the 188's) The Sugars seemed a little stiffer and seemed to handle adverse conditions a little better but I would like a second opinion as I was only on them for a few hours.
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I have had mine since the first of January and have been on them in mostly soft snow. In every condition except ice they have performed well. Now all I need is a new pair of GS race skis and I'll have a full quiver.
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