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Yet another solicitation for ski advice...

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Hi Everyone,

I'm headed off to demo skis next weekend and thought I'd ask you guys for a little feedback on my wish list, since I'm demoing with an eye toward replacing my old X-Screams. Stats: Male, 29, 18 years experience. 5'7", 148 lbs. Don't know my level offhand but I stay parallel on everything on the east coast save for the steepest bumps (think lower K at Hunter). I enjoy bumping but I spend the majority of the season in the Poconos, where good bump fields are hard to come by, so I often end up doing lots of carving at medium to high speed instead. Generally an aggressive skier.

What I'm looking for: Good all-mountain skis that can carve on eastern hardpack at decent speed (not necessarily race speed) but won't fall apart in the bumps. Will ski the east exclusively (I figure that by the time I can afford to take trips out west I'll be able to afford a second pair of skis for my quiver).

Also, comments on sizing are welcome. My X-Screams are 179s, which seems ludicrous today given my size but was reasonable when I bought them 6 years ago. Needless to say my next pair will be much shorter.

Without further ado, and in no particular order, here's what I'd like to demo:

Rossi Z9; Z5; Z2
Scott Aztec Pro
Volkl Allstar, 5 Star
Nordica SpeedMachine 16.1
Atomic Metron B:5; M:11
Elan Magfire 12
Fischer AMC 73; 76
Head Monster iM 72

Anything there that shouldn't be? (Obviously the list needs to be whittled down somewhat.) Perhaps more importantly, is anything conspicuous by its absence?

Many thanks,
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Mike - if it helps any, my skiing partner's demo list (he's similar to you but older and larger, and coming off X-Screams @ 187) is:

Head iM 72 @ 170
Dynastar Legend 4800 (said to be super-versatile but especially neat on piste) @172
Volkl Allstar (it's got the hot rep) @ 168
K2 Recon (suggested as a modern X-Scream subsitute that can bust crud, carve GS, grip the hardpack etc.) @ 174
some kind of Nordica (Hotrod Elim or Speedmachine but these might be difficult to find on demo)
maybe Salomon Streetracer 10 @ 170 (brand loyalty issue)
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I took out the Mag 12 last week.
Catskills/Belleayre $10.day.Conditions were to good 6" of new snow.I'd rather demo on a bad day.
1st two runs powder and there was plenty of float.
As things started to get tracked up ,same thing ,they powered threw it all.
I was skiing with 2 buddies ,one gets out 2-3 times a year still on 18 year old rossi's.The other is on an alpine snow board.
I have to say if I ever went over to the dark side I'd be on on of those.
Anyhow the Mag12 was flawless until late morning when track-up powder became random piles of powder.Not really the skis fault but I had to slow down .
After lunch the snow was all packed down not skied off,so it was nice and soft.These skis just lay right over ,A real joy to ski.
About 2:00 I realized I didn't try any bumps(was having to much fun just carving these babies).I took them threw a bump run .There was a nice line so I tried the zipper approach.They were ok but seemed a tad slow ,mabye I was just tired. Also they seemed a bit heavy to bump all day with.
Would I buy them? They would be on my short list,but there are more to try.
Hope this helps
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Thanks to both of you for the advice! I'll definitely add the Legend 4800 to the list. Any more takers?
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Fischer RX8
Salomon Equipe 10 SC (If you keep it under 45)
Fischer WC (If you keep it over 20)
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Given your weight, I'd suggest eliminating the Nordica SM 16 and perhaps the Volkl AS as well. The AMC 73 is a very nice ski but a bit better suited as a western ski for an advanced intermediate to advanced skier. I can't speak to the Mag 12 or the iM72 as I have not skied them.

Fischer 76, Rossi Z-series (162-164) = Good fat carver choices.
Volkl 5*, Nordica SM 14 or SUV 12, Head iXRC 800 Fischer Rx-8 (160-165) = Good traditional carver choices.

Of course there are many others but you should be able to find a good match from this group.

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Thanks for the tips folks. I've heard that the Allstars are pretty stiff, so given my weight I'm not sure that'd fly in the bumps. Not sure how the RX8 escaped my notice; I'll add it to the list.

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Originally Posted by Ghost
Salomon Equipe 10 SC (If you keep it under 45)
What does "keep it under 45" mean? And I thought it was just Salomon Equipe SC (at least when you go to their website there's no 10 SC this year)...

sorry for the thread steal tired, I'm just real interested in the Equipe's and it's hard to find a lot of info about them.
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No worries. I don't know anything about the Salomons, but by "keep it under 45" I'm pretty sure Ghost's talking about your speed.
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That's what I thought.

I demoed these last weekend at Windham and loved them, I'd check 'em out!
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I guess they are dropping the "10" from the name this year. The ski I tried was the one available at the demo shops last spring, and I don't believe it has changed much. It was the Equipe and was an SC (not the GC, which has a longer radius).

Yes I did mean about 45 mph, but I didn't have my GPS when I tried them so I could be a little mistaken about exactly what speed caused their control to fall apart. I tried it on the same day as an SX10 and SX11. At a certain speed it felt like it was losing it whereas an SX10 still felt stable, but pushed a little faster the SX10 actually became unstable and unable to have much influence on direction while the Equipe could still produce turns of a fashion. At still higer speeds the Equipe became as useless as the SX10 but the SX11 was still fine. I went back to the hill this year with GPS and my WC SCs and found this last speed to be about 60 mph on the same runs at the same locations.

The Salomon Equipe SCs are a really great carving ski; they turn as though they can read your mind. I didn't see anybody else on the hill skiing at a faster speed than the Equipe SC could function at, though I did see a few speeders who would not be comfortable on the Equipe SC at that speed. They do not provide the reasuring solid feeling of an Atomic SX, and they do not provide quite the feel of an RX8. They are also easy to flex and require some skill not to overload them.

Edit: FWIW Realskiers.com has them reviewed this year as an "Equipe 10 SC".
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Originally Posted by Ghost
Edit: FWIW Realskiers.com has them reviewed this year as an "Equipe 10 SC".
Yeah I saw that too. But if you look the grapic on that ski is different than the ski on solomon's website. Any how thanks for the great info about them!
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