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Silvretta pure - adjustment issues

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I just had new silvretta pure AT bindings mounted on a pair of Atomic TM EX's. I skied them this weekend for the first time and had a lot of problems with them popping out on the traverse??? as well as in really deep snow once I tried to pull my leg out and pulled it straight out of the binding. They didn't release at all while skiing, but released several times when being flexed in deep snow while breaking trail on the traverse. I had the bindings professionally mounted and they tell me they were set properly. There appears to be both a heel and toe pressure adjustment - I cranked down the heel all the way and tightened the front to back boot tension and the problem seemed to go away, but now I'm affraid that I'm just locked into the bindings and they may not release when their supposed too - anyone had a similar problem with these bindings? I've heard of this with dynafits, but not step in AT bindings like silvretta or fritschi's (which I skied for the last four seasons without incident...) thanks. JK
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oh, man-
i thought this post was about the silvretta.
the silvretta kicks ass. just ask me or the iceman
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Vlad - I thought so too, so what do you know about the tension adjustments. I take it you haven't had any problems "walking" out of them?
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From what you described it sounds as if the binder isn't adjusted properly to your boot sole length (tension) despite the shop's claim the mount is proper.
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