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Vail and Aspen tickets

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Is it possible to get Vail and Aspen/Snowmass discounted tickets.If you can where can you get them
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I am also interested in where I can get discounted tickets for the Summit county area - Vail, Brekenridge, or any other area else within an hour of Brekenridge where we are staying.
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The combo tickets I've seen are:
Vail, Beaver Creek, A-Basin, Keystone, and Breck.
or Copper & Winter Park.

Discount lift tickets:

I don't think a combo exists for Vail/Aspen.
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Originally Posted by deltat
I don't think a combo exists for Vail/Aspen.
Oh, the combo exists for Vail & Aspen, it just costs $3000 and allows you access to 24 resorts in Colorado. http://www.coloradoski.com/goldpass/index.cfm

The *secret* pass for the Vail Resorts is at www.coloradopass.com. I don't know if they're still selling it, but at last count it was $389 for 10 days at Vail/BC and unlimited days at Keystone/Breck/ABasin (more for extra days at Vail/BC). Vail Resorts doesn't list this one on their main website; it has a separate home. This is what I buy every year and you used to be able to reload extra Vail/BC days when yours ran out, in increments of 10.

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