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Vail was sick today

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The reported 9 inches must have been a joke. It was waste deep in china bowl.

Easy hour and 45 minutes there..... 5 hours and 15 minutes back.

and totally worth every minute!
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damn, i'm jealous...I couldn't ski Sunday

It took 5.5 hours to get back to Denver??!! :
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That's AWESOME. (Except for the drive back.) I was at Vail last Wednesday, and while the coverage was good, they needed some fresh after the warm-freeze cycles of the last few days. I am supposed to ski up there Sunday and Monday and I hear ANOTHER storm is coming through on Thursday, so I am STOKED.

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I was hucking the cliffs off of chair 5 this weekend, and when I landed I couldn't see because the snow came up OVER MY F)(&@#$ HEAD! Unbelieveable. The cliffs under Northwoods lift were SCHWEET! I didn't understand why anyone would do the bowls, as it was blowing snow and overcast all day, as well as flat light. Made it difficult to go any kind of fast. Meanwhile in the trees I had zero wind, good viz, and I didn't cross another person's track all day. Thanks for staying out of the trees, everybody.

Then I went back to the condo and sat in the hot tub, watching two thirds of Colorado try to get home. I left at 11 and got back to the Fort at 1:30. Most people had a five hour drive on the same route if they left at 4pm.
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Flat light in the bowls didn't matter. The windblown had piled up on certain aspects (yep it made a big difference if you were skiing on south vs. east vs. west facing) and made it bottomless. I skied thigh to stomach deep over and over and it didn't matter if I couldn't see. Just had to find the right aspect and use the force...

Skied the frontside trees at the end of the day and yes - it was pretty SCHWEET!
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Awesome day!

We were in the Back Bowls on Sunday and could rip boot-top to knee high pow with impunity, even when the light was flat (which was not really a problem anyway). We missed our 9pm flight out of Denver, but it was worth every minute of the 5.5 hour drive back.
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So now you CO folks know what Utah is like every week: (Except the 5.5 hr drive)
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Originally Posted by Powdr
So now you CO folks know what Utah is like every week: (Except the 5.5 hr drive)
Hey Powdr, its been like that here in CO every week too.
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