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My favorite was the (older) CarveX in a 168. What a fun ski!

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Finally Stockli skis are available in Australia. I've demoed most of the range, and wanted to hear if anyone else skis them and has opinions about any of the models.
I've seen the Stormrider comments...oddly, this one is not a big seller here - too big and stiff? Ditto the Asteroid (91mm waist!).
The EasyRider, a softer all mountain midfat, is proving the most popular. I love the Raver, but it seems to be a toy for the groom only. Loved the Spirit IV, but it has a lot of attitude and the wide tails worry me regarding bumps.
The race line is proving very popular here too.
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People rave about the Laser SC - a short slalom ski. 168 would be good.
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I drool over the asteroid, a full on stiff fatty in a 201 is just sweet!
I've heard they are great skiis, but a bit lacking in durability.

Free your heels, poke your eyes out!
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The Laser SC is getting raves here, too. In fact, the whole line is impressive...I found all of them to be smooth as silk to ski.
I still want a pair of those Ravers...they are a super carve, the shovels are 120!!!!! But they're toys...sigh.
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I love my Asteroids and SCs. People say to ski the new breed slaloms short, but the 188s fit me like a glove. I guess it makes sense, given that I think my 201 Asteroids are the best fat I've ever been on (and I've demoed most).

The JOs and highschool racers in my area have been doing well on the Laser models. Specs on the new Stormrider look sweet, I can't wait to try em. Seems like a long way off when it's going to hit 100 tomorrow. Only 68 degrees to go

I don't know what the skiings like Down Under but I'm suprised the SR isn't more popular than the Easyrider? It's like choosing a cuddly Koala over a Rabid, baby stealing dingo Hope you have a good season down there. I heard NZ is getting pounded!!!!

Stocklis are a little hard to find, but once you demo... It's worth the search.
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