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I have no gear!

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Hi all,

I am an Aussie traveller looking to spend a few weeks enjoying the bumber season in CO at the moment. As I am travelling, I have no ski gear (plenty of surfing gear though!), and am looking to try and rustle up a cheap ski set (boots/skis/goggles/gloves...ie everything).

Any ideas on where to look? I am not fussed on what the gear is..something is better than nothing, and hiring stuff costs a bomb these days.

Thanks for your help.
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Even if you get some gear, how are you gonna afford lift tickets?
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Hope for a big dump, ya got a snorkle so that will be a start.
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where there's a will, there's a way

There's always the chance that some kind heart living in CO with a garage full of old gear will see this and invite you over for a rummage. Or are you good looking enough to pick up a romantic benefactor?

Trying to take you seriously, how many days do you want to ski, over what period of time, and where in CO?
One idea: go to a lower key place like Loveland, Eldora or Sunlight and make your Aussiewithnogear plea in the rental shop when few other customers are around. Lay on your heaviest accent. Most places have heaps of "lost and found" gear such as goggles, hats, gloves, coats, etc, that they would probably let you borrow for the day for free. Maybe they would also cut you a deal on daily or longer term ski rental rates. The smaller areas will also be the best places to find lower cost lift tickets. Search this website for such deals and look at ski area websites too. If you are in the Denver/Boulder area maybe try visiting a local ski shop at a quiet time and make a similar plea with them. No disrespect, but coming from Oz, even the smaller ski areas of Colorado should be a great experience for you.
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may I have this framed in gilt?

This post is indeed "suitable for framing".
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Telluride - the jumble box on main street should have everything you need!

Most of the towns will have at least one second hand shop where you can pick up some half decent clothing and accessories cheap. Aspen has a terrific ski gear recycle shop.

Otherwise, as suggested, hit the rental places and turn on the charm, most of the locals are very friendly to us Aussies, and there are a lot of Aussies and Kiwis working in the retail/rental places who might be able to lend a hand and/or some advice.

Where are you planning to be and when?
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just come to Aspen. the other half of your country lives here. I'm sure you will find a friend or realtive.
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Originally Posted by lloyd braun
just come to Aspen. the other half of your country lives here. I'm sure you will find a friend or realtive.

This is the post of the week.
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+1 for the spirit of travelling
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Or rob a bank in Vail.

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aussie bandits

Another reminder that Austraila was established as a penal colony and that "many acorns don't fall far from the tree".

Last season, two Aussie "Banditos" did hold up a bank in Vail.

They were nabbed because:

#1 They did it in uniform

#2 They were identified as having "Australian accents"

#3 They used their employee ID's (scanned), to board the lift and escape

#4 On their "lunch hour"

ShelBee .... don't give this guy any ideas .... whoooooo boy!
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I am glad that I have provided much amusement for you all....don`t worry, i do realise the patheticness of my plea....and yes.... `cheap skiing`is a contradiction of terms...but can you blame me for wanting to ski your epic powder when Australia barely has what you would call a kiddies mountain, yet alone real snow......and we have to pay $84 a day for the pleasure! (plus surf in Mex has been pooh and snapped all my boards)

I am driving up from Mexico, so should be in Colorado in 4 days or so. Am staying in Vail (couch surfing). Should be there for about 3 weeks.

To afford those lift tickets...Am even trying to sell my car (s10 chevy blazer) or trade it for ski gear.......if not...will stick to the snorkel.

Thanks for the info re Aspen recycled ski shop, worth a look for sure.

Was thinking I might also hang out under the chairlifts and collect odd gloves and a pair of goggles if things get desperate!
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