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Windham 01/29

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We headed up to Windham today with fingers crossed for anything to ski on that was white (or had white in it). We arrived at 8:15 and to our surprise the majority of trails was open and in decent shape.

The conditions were hard pack with a layer of mashed potatoes covering it. Not much ice. They had a competition going on a the half pipe, nothing too exciting though. There was also a J1/J2 GS race on the Why Not trail, unfortunately there was no place to view it....I would have like to see the races!

Weather was warm (about 41*) and skies overcast. It started to sleet around 1:30 and turned to rain by 2pm. By 2:30 I was soaked and we headed back to the car. Traffic on 87 was the pits all the way from exit 20 south to the split at 287 and 17. The usual 2:15 trip took over 3.5 hours.

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Sounds like a nice March day.

Wait a minute ...
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