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Jackson, WY Superbowl Viewing

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I will be at JH next weekend and would like to watch the game. The home we stay in is a cabin in Bridger Teton National Forest... no TV.

Can anyone recommend a good sports bar or saloon with good TVs in town or at Teton Village? I figure we will coming off a final run down the Lower Faces at about kickoff time (4:30PM MST).

Go Steelers!
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Sidewinders in Town is a pretty good place to go, they have multiple flat screens and big screens. At the Village you can go to the Mangy Moose. They have at least one large screen TV
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I watched the Broncos-Steelers game at the Mangy Moose last week. I think there were more Steeler fans than BroncoBackers, everyone had a very nice time. Great service to boot.
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