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GS skis for Master's SG/DH

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Anybody running longer/older GS skis for master's SG or DH? What's working for people? I'm thinking about a pair of 198cm Rossi 9X 9.9 GS skis.
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I use up to 209cm older GS skis for Masters SG. Lately I've been using 198cm 2 year old Team Race 10.22. I sold those last spring, so I am now back to the 209cm, since I plan to sell my 193cm (measured 195cm) last season Team Race 10.22.
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Why go with GS skis at all?

I'm not a big guy (150lbs) but I run a 205 Nordica for SG. Its FIS legal and fast. I like the way a SG ski handles and flexes at speed compared to a big GS ski. Often I find SG's to be softer at that length because they are made for smaller people making big turns instead of big people making small turns. If you are looking for short skis, Atomic makes a 198 SG ski- you might look into finding short SG skis instead of big GS skis.

That being said I have a pair of rather stiff race stock Atomic 10.26 at 193 if you are interested. But I would try to find short SG's.

By the way I think the Rossi 9.9 is a terrible terrible GS ski. The only good GS ski rossi has made in the Shaped Age is this years WC ski (not the club stock or retail). I wouldn't get that ski for anything.


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I going with GS skis, because I'm only going to do 1 or 2 days day of training and 1 race. I can probably get the GS skis for free or real cheap. Also, I have been known to bend/break skis so nobody will loan me pair of SG race skis, or their trainers for that matter.
I'm thinking a softer non-race stock pair of GS ski might work well. I've got a pair of 193 cm Merlin 6, that will probably work fine, but I would like to go a little longer ski, like 200 to 205cm.
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I would suggest a volkl p10 or p20 RS super, in about 205 cm. That's what I had for gs a while back, but I could never make a GS sized turn on them. They would work fairly well for SG. What you're looking for is a gs stick from either the 94/95 or 95/96, or possibly 96/97 season. That's when GS skis started to get more sidecut, but were long and probably still around a 30+ m sidecut radius. You should be able to find something like that pretty easy at a ski swap.

Also, you could try calling "Sports Page", a shop in Glens Falls NY. I recently had them ship me a nice pair of used Volkl DH boards with bindings and deflex. They also had a nice pair of older Salomon 203 cm SG skis with bindings and deflex for only $275. 518-792-1304.


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Someone has been advertising Stockli DH & SG stuff on e-bay.
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Originally posted by Red Sled:
I would suggest a volkl p10 or p20 RS super, in about 205 cm.
Oooh, P10 RS Super - does that bring back some good memories I had a pair of 200s and they were a great ski. I'm by no means a racer but I just loved the smooth feel they had. What a shame I bent one in a fall. They were a much nicer than the P20 RSs I replaced them with.

A couple of years ago I saw a secondhand pair of 213s for sale - I was almost tempted

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Well, if you like Volkl P10's, I have a pair for sale.

P10 214cm, WC race stock. EPB's and Salomon 957's.

The real deal...

Want em? $150 negotiable plus shipping to wherever you are. They are too big for me- i don't do DH, so my 205's are enough for me.

Interestingly enough, the contact points for the Nordica 205's and the Volkl 214's are exactly the same. The Volkls just have a really long low profile tip.


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Well, maybe I'm just trying to capitalize on this lively discussion, but I have a brand new pair of team stock Salomon Super G's in a 210cm. They are complete with the PowerAxe race plates and still in the wrapper for $300 shipped to the lower 48.

A perfect ski for Masters speed events . . . just a thought.

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