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Questions about the Volkl Karma

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I have been thinking about getting the Volkl Karma's 169, but im not totally positive that they are what I need. I looking for a all Mt. ski so when I ride with my family I can just relax and have fun, but at the same time I have started to get into trying out the parks and pipes, and want to learn more. I would consider my self an expert skier since I just getting back from Park City, UT and had no problem handeling all the trails, bowls and trees. Also would the 169's be the right size? Im 5'10 and weigh about 170-175. Any help would be greatly appreaciated.
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The karma would be a great ski for what you're looking for. also look at the k2 public enemy and the new salomon 1080 foil. they both fit into the all mtn twin category. the volkl is the fattest of the three if you're looking for something to float on the occasionaly powder day... as far as length goes, the 169 would work....but i'd also consider the longer 177. with the longer 177. the shorter length might get a bit squirrly for someone of your weight. the 177 would be a more stable ride and at 175 lbs you would have no problem turning it. as far as length goes....the public enemy and foil come in the nice inbetween of 174.
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The Karma is a good all-mountain ski. Def. the best park ski if you wanna ski groomed runs!
You should def. get the 177 version, not a cm shorter.
If you want the be able to ski pow and get into the back-country, you could look at the longer version, above 180... I don't know the size of it, but you could def. ski with it... It would just get stiffer and handle better on the groomers...
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I am 5'11" and weigh 173 lbs. Definitely go with the 177 Karma... the Public Enemy is nice as well, but not as sweet as the Karma, which feels more "professional." I demoed the Karma, Public Enemy, and the Salomon Foil --- the Foil does not carve as well, and many shops have steered me away from it due to the foam core, as it will play out quicker than the Karma or PE. However, in 5 or 6 inches of fresh powder, the foil is extremely playful...

Since I have yet to ski that park as much as you have, I went with the 177 Mantra for my everyday workhorse ski.
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Get the Karma. Get it in a 177.
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I live on the eastcoast and have to deal a lot w/ packed, fake snow, and icy run's. Most of my sking is done in the Pocono's, and VT which I get up to about 3-4 time a season. Will the Karma hold up ok on them? Also the longest ski I have been on are my 170, sorry to ask but im not very knowledgeable about this, but why would the 177 be a better fit?
And thank you guys that have posted, all this info is a huge help.
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I am the same stats, 5-10, 175 and I ski a karma 185. love the ski and the length. if you like to ski fast, go with the 185. i would be pissed if i had listened to people who told me to go with a smaller size. it really depends on the type of skier you are. even at this length, i have not noticed any drawbacks. still makes nice short radius turns and great in the bumps.
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I'm also looking at the Karmas. I'm 6'2" about 215 and have been skiing for about 5 years. I just returned from Keystone for 10 days. I bought some Volkl AX1 724 b/c they were cheap and I have determined that I am a much better skier than those. Everyone tells me I need to get twin tips. I usually hit the bowls, moguls, off-piste type stuff and then the occasional trip to the park. I've been looking at the Guns, Foils, Karmas, and Troublemakers. Most experts have said go with the Karmas but I'm still unsure. The Volkls I bought were 177 and I felt they were too short. I'm afriad 185s might be too big since I have no experience on twin tips. What I'd really like is between a 179-182. Any thoughts?
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I've got a 185cm Karma, near mint condition mounted with a look P14 I'll sell cheap if anyone is interested.
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i have the karma in a 177 and i love them. im 6'1 and 180lbs. in vermont they are awesome in the bumps, park, groomers, trees, etc. they were a tad short for the pow/steep out west. these skis are my favorite skis ever, and i've owned a lot of skis!
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I have been goin crazy lately trying to decied between the Karma's and Foil, but theres a demo day on March 3 at the Mt near me so im gonna try both out and prob some other too. When I get back I plan on making a post on how I felt about about both ski's.
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All this talk about the Karmas brings me to another question. Anybody know where I can get a pair for a decent price? I found some 185 for $417 online and $405 on Ebay. Haven't seen much better than that. I'm hoping they'll get down around $300 this summer.
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I scored some 185s today for $360.00 here in the drought stricken Southwest - guess the retailers haven't been moving many skis this winter.
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