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Fat ski help

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I just bought some super fat rock skis but I want to find more info on them.

Ive searched this for 3 hours anyone better at searching then me? I want to find some info or pics of the Rossignol Axiom and the Atomic Powder plus.

Any help?
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Thanks but what I wnat are pics I always buy from the lion.
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From an old table I saved, in a 180, the dimensions of the Powder Plus are given as 135-113-125, with a sidecut radius of 37 meters.

Axioms: For a 183, the dimensions are 130-110-120. Sidecut R = 43 m.

FYI, the guy who probably has the complete story on every fat ski ever made (and is an extremely reputable seller of many of them) is MNTLION up in Banff. You can send him a private msg either here on Epic (member #2966), on TGR, on Powder, or via normal email ( daveandb AT telusplanet DOT net ).


Tom / PM

PS - Sorry, but no pix.
PS#2 - Ignore the stuff on Mntlion. I see I was typing at the same time as everyone else.

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You want advice, PUT LIFT ON THEM. Mntlion is still a skeptic but he's softening. Ask Carvemeister I think it worked out well for him. As for the pics rest assured they're all ugly.
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Thanks guys
FYI one pair of each left @ $150 US a pair with shipping and bindings. YA I know "take it to ski swap"
L7: If you like/need help turning lifters are great. If not ........
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