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ski boot flex

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I am coming for a really stiff tecnica tc3 avs. i tried on a pair of atomic boots to day. they seemed to fit really well. but i noticed a lot of flex. If i get them how will this flex effect me?

Is flex a good thing bad thing or like life depends on the use?
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Depends. Flex is good on soft or uneven snow. Less flex is better on smooth hard snow.

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Originally Posted by ifreborn
I am coming for a really stiff tecnica tc3 avs.
Heh, wot? The TC3 stiff?

This makes me really wonder which Atomic boot you're trying on.
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Many of the mens' Atomics have a hole in the back for an aftermarket bolt to be added, to stiffen the cuff if need-be. I was going to stiffen mine, but got used to them and usually ski with the top buckle undone anyway.
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its more important that boots are laterally stiff now...giving you quick transfer of energy to the ski edges......forward stiffness is less important. you just want to be able to pressure the front of the boot to get into an athletic stance over the front of the skis. you dont want to go too soft however or your control will be sloppy. just go for what feels right for you....if your used to a fairly stiff boot, it might not be wise to jump to something considerably softer. if you liked the technica fit....try some of their new boots. for a higher volume fit they're great.
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I just bought a pair of Nordica boots and the stiffness in the shop vs on hill is very different. The cold temps can have a significant effect on the shell.

In the shop I tired Atomics (M-10), Salomon X-Wave 8 and Nordica Speedmachine 14 & 12 (they did not have the Hot Rod). They all felt more flexy than I expected. But I brought my old boots (Technica ICON XR) with me to compare flex, stance and general feel in the same environment. That way I had a good idea of what I should be choosing, from a fit and flex perspective.
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Atomic SX 9 Ski Boots 04 is the boot i tryed on that fit ok but had a lot of flex

http://www.usoutdoorstore.com/outlet...f lag=Grouped

cant find any info on it though
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