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Head Worldcup i Supershape cp13

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After cutting up the "Liquidmetal" theory discussed in the ski gear forum, I had the chance to demo this ski yesterday at Holimont.

The ski was a 165 sidecut is 120/65/105

Conditions, 25 degrees, hardpack powder corduroy over a base of ice. Sunshine

This is the shortest ski I've ever been on so it took some getting used to. It felt squirlley at first but once I gained the room on the slopes to let them rip they really performed. This wasn't the skis fault, it was me being used to longer skis. Once I really put them on edge they were unbelievable. I've never been able to lay a ski down like this one. After the second run, I left my poles at the lift bottom and started to play. I felt like I was on skates again. ( I played semi pro hockey for 15 years) There was nothing I couldn't do, short radius, long radius, what a ripper. I could actually touch the snow with my hands while ripping big arching tracks. At warp speed, they wanted to rock me some. The ski made me stay centered. I couldn't tell if this was my inexperience on a shortie or if it was a stability problem. I skied them for a solid hour and the more I skied them the more fun it got. I reallydidn't want to give them back. What a change getting back on my B2's at 176.

Likes? There wasn't anything not to like. I wished I could have taken them in some gates.

Dislikes? Made me work at skiing. Which is something I don't like to do. There is no front seat/back seat here. If you aren't where you're supposed to be you'll know it right away.

I would've liked to demo a 170. It might have suited me better. I'm over 190lbs. and the shortest ski I've owned was a 174 TPower Viper.

Would I like to own a pair? Hell ya. If anyone has an interest in these skis and has any questions, I'll try to answer them. As far as Head and the Liquidmetal issue, They could have put a layer of Titanium in instead and I wouldn't have been able to tell the difference, would you?
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I demo'ed a pair of 165s and bought a pair of 170s...recommended to me by the guy who gave the 165s to ski (I'm 6', 210#). I've been told that these ski best with the binding set so the boot mark is 1 or 2 cm forward of the ski mark.

One former world cup racer and WC coach told me that these are the best skis he's ever been on.

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I also demoed this ski in a 160cm. Definitely a fun short turn ripper, with plenty of stability and lots of rebound. Pretty much my kind of ski.

This is going to be a very popular ski.
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The ski was a 165 sidecut is 120/65/105. Is that about a 11 M radius? Sounds like my kind of skis. Just skied a pair of 14 M radius Dynamics 168cm skis. Fun.
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I finally got some longer ones in the shop. I am going to demo them again this week and decide whether to keep a pair for myself (either 165 or 170). Unfortunately, it just hasn't been a race/carving ski year so far. It literally won't stop snowing!
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