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Skis 40 to 50 % off

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Sports Chalet is selling skis 40 to 50 % off. Some of the choices are:
Bandit X, Scream 10 pilot, Betaride 9.22 &8.20, X scream series, Axis & Axis X & Axis X pro to name a few.
Thought you might be interested
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Where is Sports Chalet? Any Internet location for them?
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Sport Chalet is a chain of sporting goods stores in California. There are about 20 of them out here. I checked out the website and they do not have all of the skis there that they do at the actual stores. I do not know if it will help, but here is the ph # for the store in West Hills(Los Angeles)
If you know exactly what you want, maybe they will do something over the phone and mail you the ski. It's worth a shot.
Good luck!
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