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Breckenridge equipment rental

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Our neighbors, occasional skiers, are going to Breckenridge with some skiing frinds next month. They remarked that they thought that the resort ski and boot rental rates seemed high. Can anyone recommend an off-site rental shop? They will have a car.
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Virgin Island in Silverthorne.
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If they're looking for higher end equipment, Norway Haus is a good bet - I've been suprised at some models in their demo/rental fleet, *and* been happy with the prices (those two don't normally go hand in hand ). For average rentals, Breeze ski rentals is often the cheapest (and their upgrades usually aren't badly priced either).

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Breeze is across the street from the Peak 9 base area, so it's walkable. Norway Haus is nice, but not walking distance. Bahnhof a few doors down will have a nice selection to demo from and skis you probably won't find elsewhere. I like Great Adventure Sports in the City Market shopping plaza. In the past the staff there has been pretty helpful with friends, but I'm not sure what the prices are.

EDIT: I guess Norway Haus is kind of walkable if you park in the Peak 8 parking area, cut through the bank parking lot and then walk a block.
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Blue River Sports (www.blueriversports.com) in Breck at Main Street Station or thereabouts.
Christy Sports in Frisco on Hwy 9 in Frisco on the way to Breckenridge. www.christysports.com and put in store locator after you register to rent.
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Virgin Island

I also highly recommend Virgin Island. I used them when I was there a couple of weeks ago. Great service and great prices. They have all the newest equipment too. I skiied on a set of Volkl Karma's....they were just too sweet.
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Thanks, everybody. Evan.
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A Racer's Edge

My wife has rented from "A Racer's Edge" on Main Street in Breckenridge. Their prices are reasonable, they have a large variety of equipment and their staff is knowledgeable. http://www.aracersedge.com . Don't let the ski racing emphasis in their name scare you away -- that's more on the sales side of their shop. The rental dept caters to skiers of all levels.
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