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Aspen Accomodation

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General question.

Has this website http://www.stayaspensnowmass.com/ got Aspen sewn up? Is ALL accomodation in Aspen in this databank ?

Im looking for accom in Aspen for 2 people(male) in March for 10 nights, I know its high season but Im only getting SOLD OUT or rooms at $1000+ a night
March 8th > 10 nights.

Sure wasnt has difficult as this at the begininng of the season

Anyone got any other good websites?
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Do you realize that Aspen charges $78 per day for lift tickets. After all your comments on Vail's $81/day rates and how Europe is so much better and less expensive, why in the world would you be coming to Aspen?

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I know how much the tickets are.Outrageous

Ive been coming over to the US to Ski for last 25 yrs. Actually I was in Aspen at the begining of the season.

FYI. I never mentioned that "Europe was so much better" I was only referring to lift tickets prices compared to European resorts.
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You could try www.friasproperties.com. They handle lots of rentals in Aspen/Snowmass as well.

You'll probably be able to find cheaper accommodation in Snowmass, and I actually love the mountain. And the *back way* drive into the town of Aspen on Owl Creek Road is gorgeous.

I also go direct to some of the big hotels/condo buildings, like the Silvertree in Snowmass, for instance, and ask them about rates. Sometimes rates are good on sites like Expedia, too.

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Thanks. No joy there either :-)
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Try one of these, if you need more info just ask.


The trouble is Comedy Fest is 3/8-12 and all the hollywood types have town booked. Great time to come because they don't ski, but good luck finding a dinner reservation.

This is the best season we have had in a while. The backcountry is as good as it gets.
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Then this could be the 1st time I ever eaten at McDonalds.
I take it they dont reserve there as well

Thanks for the link, I'll give it a go.

Coming over this time with an old ski bum mate who hasnt hit the snow in 5yrs so probably back country may have to wait.
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Aspen condos

I used www.mtnres.com last year for aspen accommodations during the X-games. It is now part of Overstock.com-travel.

The reservation part was done over the phone & fax; which was a little old fashioned. The 2 bedroom condo I stayed in was great, and slopeside on Aspen mtn. The price was also excellent (about $330 a night) for reservations made 2.5 weeks prior to the stay and for the reservations being over the weekend of Winter-X.

There are some other great sites for Aspen condos on the WWW.
Just browse around.
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Check out the St. Moritz in Aspen. In the past not bad prices considering you're in Aspen.
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