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Blue Mountain, PA?

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Anyone familiar with Blue Mountain in the Poconos? I am looking for someplace to take my 5 year old with some longer beginner trails and maybe some easier intermediate trails.

We have been going to Hidden Valley, NJ. It a has a verry flat beginner trail that he has pretty much outgrown. They don't have many choices for intermediates. Thus, the one intermediate trail is usually the most crowded trail on the mountain.

Are the trails at Blue as crowded as Camelback on the weekends? That is my only real reference for Pocono skiing on the weekends. I'd head up to Bellaire or Elk, but I was trying to limit my drive time.

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Blue is just as crowded, if not more than Camelback. If you have to ski on weekends, try some of the less popular places such as Alpine. You can even poolk at Jack Frost, Big Boulder or Shawnee. Don't get me wrong, these places will still be crowded, maybe just not as much as Camelback and Blue.
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I think the somewhat longer drive to Belleayre would be best for what you're looking for.
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My daughter learned to ski at Camelback, starting when she was three. There are trails there that are less crowded, you just have to take the time to find them. Oak Grove comes to mind. That's off the Glen Chair. Go to www.paskiandride.com for the latest recommendations for specific trails on any Pocono mountain where your son would be relatively safe and have fun. (I stopped skiing there a few years back when we moved.)

She always had a helmet and I always skied behind her as a blocker until she was more in the weight range of the average skier.
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I have actually had a very reasonable experience at Blue with my 6 and 7 year old daughters. The big difference is that they crank the lifts at 7:30. If you get there early your kids will be skied out by lunch. The crowds don't form until at least 11. I would give it a shot once and see what you think. I love Belleayre and Elk, but they're an extra hour.
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Blue Mountain would be really good for him terrainwise, but it can be even more crowded than Camelback on a weekend. Since Blue's not as big, it gets congested easier. Camelback can handle crowds better, I think, and it also seems to get/make more snow. I've found skiing to be a little bit better at Camelback when natural conditions are minimal. Also, CB has a great beginner hill that is long, very wide, and at least has some pitch to it. Both mountains have trails from the top that would be fine for him. That being said, I like Blue. We enjoyed some very nice, uncrowded spring skiing there last year on weekdays. I would try both, if I were you. Elk and Belleayre would have more to offer, but as you said they would be a longer ride.
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I agree with surgeon about weekends at Blue. I have a weekday pass there now, but when I had to ski on weekends, we would try to be there at 7:30 and we had a good time till lunch. They sell Half-day tix, so we'd ski straight thru and quit at 12:30. Paradise is an excellent beginner-low intermediate trail, wide with a decent pitch, and usually well-groomed. OIf you decide to try it, go past the main entrance (if you're coming from the west) and go down the hill to the Valley Lodge. Parking is much better, and you get directly on the high speed quad, wich goes to Paradise. The other easier trails are avcessed from the top lodge, but can be reached from the quad. And they have free ski check, and the rest rooms are large enough to change in.
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Thanks for the info. Looks like rain tomorrow. I think we'll save Blue for a weekday.
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