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XT defects??????

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Has anybody on the board heard of Tecnica XTs{both 17s and 24s} having defective or weak cuffs? Last year my XT17s split from back to front near the hinge point just above the heel. The plastic had completely separated, I thought that this weakness had been caused by excessive wear from nearly 300 days on the shell over 2 seasons. However my most recent pair of XT24s with about a 125 or so days on them suffered the exact same fate earlier today. Nobody at my shop could believe that it had happened twice. It seems to me based on the nearly identical cuff separations that there could be a defect or weakness with the design.
It upsets me greatly because I really enjoyed the 24s{ much more then the 17s} I nearly picked up another pair of 24s, until I came to the realization that I cannot afford to buy new boots every season{even if XTs are dirt cheap now}. So earler today I decided to purchase Dolomite Z130 Pro's based on how they fit in the shop.{ they seem to fit very nicely right out of the box and a similar fit to my XTs, more so then the Diablo 130s I tried on} I hope they will prove to be a good replacement for my XTs and will last me more then one season.
Anybody else out there experience any of the same issues with there XTs?
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Dude.. you're getting more than 125 days of skiing on your pair of boots... average people get 125 days of skiing in over 5-10 years. They also buy boots usually once every 4-5 years.
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Originally Posted by Jeff Bergeron
Plug boots crack more than regular boots, so this is a realistic concern.
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