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Alright boot guru's... need advice...

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I am tired of boots NOT fitting my feet. I wear an 11 1/2 street shoe, I measure a 28.5 (which is suppose to be a 10 1/2????). I've narrowed my search down to a Nordica Speedmachine. I tried a 28.5 Nordica and it felt (surprisingly) pretty darn good... maybe too good. I always sized down at least one size in the past. I can feel the end of the boot standing neutral. When I lean forward my toes come back slightly off the front of the boot... as everybody says it's suppose to. Overall the boot feels very solid and secure without having to crank on the buckles at all.

I tried on a 27.5 Speedmachine and it felt pretty darn short going in but after buckling down it felt better. However, my big toe never leaves the front of the boot no matter how much I flex and I can barely move my toes. The heel pocket feels perfect and the mid foot feels good. The upper part of the boot couldn't feel better. The only issue I have is the pressure on my big toe and not much wiggle room for the rest of my toes. When I tried on the 27.5 liner alone it was very tight on my toes. The shell fit yielded 1 snug finger. The 28.5 was 1 1/2 fingers.

The volume of my foot is medium or normal. I have a wider forefoot which the Speedmachine seems to accomodate well.

I'm a little worried the 28.5 will pack out an get loose. It doesn't feel like it will but they always pack out some. How much is the question? I didn't have the middle buckles past the second notch with plenty enough of support to ski pretty hard. Frankly the adjustments weren't much differnent with the 27.5.

I am worried the 27.5 will mess with my big toe. My guess it a 28.5 liner in a 27.5 boot would be perfect if it will fit the shell. Does Nordica sell the liners?

Which size do you guys think would be better based on the info above?

180 lbs
Level 8

Thanks in advance.

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Liners are sold but the cost is usually pretty high plus it would be on top of the cost of the boot. I wear an 11.5 Brooks or New Balance, measure 28.5 on the ski boot brannock and ski in a 9 shell Hot Rod (slightly narrower than the SM). It takes a toe punch on the shell, a met head grind, and a bit of liner stretching to get it done and the fit is agreeably snug. I have perhaps 30 days on them with no noticeable pack out. I'd say that the Hot Rod fits a bit longer than the SM due to a thinner but more agressive liner.

FWIW........Downsizing is an acquired taste and not for everyone but for those that prefer a tighter, longer lasting fit, it is a good way to go. I have sold a number of Nordicas to problem feet. The plastic is very good and easy to work with.

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Go to a good, no make that great, bootfitter or you'll always have lingering questions and maybe even foot pain. There may be better boot brands than Nordica for your foot. A bootfitter will tell you that. I have a "classic" Lange foot and had used Langes for years. Gosh, after trying new Langes, Nordicas, Technicas, the best fit came from Salomon. I would have never know that without a great bootfitter.
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based on the 2 boots I'd go 28

but try other things on other then nordica
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I wear a size 12 shoe, New Balance,too. I measure a 28.5. I ski in a 27 shell - Grind the heal a bit and sometimes the toe. If the boot is too big it goes in the garbage - often after money spent trying to make it work.
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Thanks for the responses.

I have worked with a couple good boot fitters. I've tried on nearly every upper line 06 boot on the market. The speedmachine feels really good. I skied in top of the line Lange race boots for a many, many years and also skied a Tecnica race boot for a few years. I liked both boots a lot but I was never really comfortable. I just thought that was the way it is. One of the bootfitters said I am used to a race fit. Man I am caught in the middle and these boots aren't cheap.

I don't see myself runnin' gates anymore and I do spend some of my time skiing with my wife and daughter. Skiing slow on flatter runs does not agree with my feet. I seem to have way more problems when I am skiing the flats slow or waiting in lift lines. There's got to be a happy medium right???? Why don't the boot manufactures start making half sizes in the boot shells? Seems like everybody would be happier. A 28.0 shell would be the ticket!

Still open to any thoughts or suggestions.


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I don't think your toes should be touching the front of the boot all the time. If you have to go that short to get the fit snug enough, then you should be in a narrower boot. The narrower boot will not feel good at all until you get the toebox punched out. Liners can be modified too.

Just my opinion.
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From what you are used to and what you feel secure in, go with the 27. If you don't already have custom footbeds, invest in a pair. That alone should reduce the pronation of your foot and pull your toes away from the front. A big toe poking is no problem at all, go to a good bootfitter and have them grind out the toe box where you are having pain. When in doubt, go smaller. You can always make a boot bigger, but you can never make it smaller (effectively at least). The Speedmachine is meant to be a high performance boot, so it should be fit like one. I agree with the others that you should look at some other boots again. You might like the Salomon Pro Model. It will be a similar performance to the speedmachine, but have a lower volume fit. It seems to be fitting a lot of people pretty well and fits into the category you are looking in. In response to boot companies making half sizes, the reason they do not is because each mold for a last costs a lot (I've been told it's pretty close to a million) and doing whole sizes only is an effective way of saving money for them. Go with the 27 and work with a good bootfitter to make it work.
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For what it is worth, I experienced the same dilema with Nordica Speedmachines. I wear a 9.5 running shoe and ended up with the size 26 liner (previously had a 26.5 liner in my Technica boots). The boots felt great out of the box, with a little too much pressure over the instep, super tight heels and very snug toes. But I decided to go with this size (Speedmachine 12 model) and was ready to punch out the toe if necessary.

After they heated the liners the fit was tight and nice, but I could still feel a little toe contact (however, I could move my toes no problem). On snow, the tight toe fit never bothered me and I did lots of bumps in the 2 days I wore the new boots. At this point I have no intention to have the boot punched out.
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So I purchased both the 27.5 and 28.5 and took them home for some try on time. After adding the trusty old Peterson footbeds I build back in 91, wearing both boots multiple times for an hour or more, getting the canting set correctly, the 27.5 is clearly the correct size. The 28.5 is going back today. The footbed pulled my toes back from the front of the boot perfectly. I can feel it all the time with no pressure.

If the boots are packing out in my office and livingroom they will pack out even more on the slopes. I'm pretty sure the 28.5 would will be swimmin' after a couple of days at the mountain.

So the 27.5 it is! Thanks for the advice everybody.

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