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Stevens just keeps giving...

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What can I say? We missed last Friday. No way we were going to miss it today. So a bunch of us snuck up there for a few hours of fun...

"Terry the Boarder" hops into a phone booth and becomes "Terry the Telemarker" (has a bit of a ring to it, doesn't it...)

Steve in a little chute thingy...

Terry doin' the Telemark in some nice backside snow

Doing that "soft landing" thing

Cloudpeak passing by...

Cloudpeak is all smiles after some cheap fresh turns on Aquarius Face

Yours truly lookin silly
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Nice... I was checking what type of skis you guys were using.. but I can't see the skis = P .. Must mean it was a fun day.
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FWIW - it was a mix. Cloudpeak was on Phat Luvs. I was on my uber-fat Crystal Ships (check out the single tip popping out in the last shot). Terry was on some typical K2 mid-fat tele boards - probably 70-75-ish underfoot. Steve was on some Elan groomer skis (probably 68-70).

At least with ski waists, I think Fat Bastard was right - once you've had fat, you can never go back. Ease of skiing was definitely proportional to surface area of skis. The guys on skinnier skis definitely had to work harder. And lots of people on the mountain who were using std midfats were either just bogged down or were burning up their quads... I would have been both if I'd been on skinnier skis. I know some great skiers who can ski that kind of snow on 70mm waists better than I can ski it on anything - but hey, I'll take the fatter skis, and the easier smiles thank you...
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Nice shots.

Nice snow.

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Wow, Thanks for sharing!!! You guys are primed for Utah. See you tomorrow call me when you get it. I will drop you a line about the times you gave me.

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Good day for the Connolly's

spindrift, I've seen those skis. From the pics, that was definitely the day to use them.

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Today and yesterday, we skied new snow at Stevens Pass. While we had plenty of untracked lines, we didn't take any pictures of those because we were too busy skiing! :>D

Yesterday was blustery and snowy, and the snow was quite heavy.

Spindrift in his stylish orange goggles.

Cloudpeak. I wonder if I can fit any more stuff in my pockets.

What a difference a day makes! A bluebird day and cloudpeak on Aquarius Face.

Spindrift does Aquarius Face in fluffy snow.

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Sweet shots. It looks like you got new goggles/frames in those last pics. Did you blind someone with the orange ones?
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Great pics!
And, yeah, I ws wondering about those goggles,too. Did you find them in a fall out shelter or something?
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Originally Posted by northeasterner
Did you blind someone with the orange ones?
No, but it is amusing to see who will, or will not, be seen in public with me

They are Adidas Yodais with really nice flat/low light lenses. They are great goggles, but msrp ain't cheap. I wasn't going to say no to a 50% off closeout - orange frames or not! (FWIW - the silver ones are the same goggle with the LST Trail lens, a great sunny day option...)

I figured I wouldn't have to look at them while I was skiing. Forgot about the camera thing... They are kinda funny...
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