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Torn Hamstring

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Seems I have a torn hamstring. Just got the news from the Doc today. I went over the handlebars while skiing (driving those tips). The Dr. told me four to six weeks which I feel is twice as long as I will need to heal. Anyway I am wondering if anyone has any experience with this, namely how long it took, things you did etc. I would really appreciate any help I could get, Thanks!!
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I had a bad hamstring accident some, hard to believe but true, thirty years ago watersking. I found that securely wrapping the thigh with an ace bandage helped considerably. Otherwise, I couldn't lift my foot. I do remember staying home for about two to three days.

Full strength was slow to come back. I could not come up on a slalom water ski for six years. The leg would simply collapse. Felt like a dork coming up on one and dropping.

I would be most cautious in turns where the injured leg is weighted. I seem to remember that the leg would stand so much pressure, then suddenly collapse. Not something you want to happen at speed.

Other's will know more, but I hope this helps. Patience is a virtue. But, who said we wanted to be virtuous.

Hope you're back out soon.
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Recently I had a discussion about this injury with an old timer at the Ice Skating Rink. He was stretching, and I made a comment. He told me how he had torn his hamstring while refereeing a hockey game. He went on the ice cold as the game started. Many moons ago I pulled my hamstring while skiing at Snowbird. After that I started stretching before skiing and skating quite religiously. I've never had trouble since, although my skiing and skating has been extensive. Now that you have torn yours, it will be a long arduous path to health. The doc was right. Take your time as these injuries are easy to re-aggravate.
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