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Park City Demo

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Can anyone suggest a shop in Park City that has Dynastar 8000 demos?
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I Think Cole Sports has the Dynastar line. You may also want to check out Utah Ski and golf or is it Golf and Ski?
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Cole as mentioned above and maybe Jans. I'm not sure if they have Dynastars. There is also Aloha rentals. All have a very decent selection of demo ski's.

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Utah Ski did not have them last year.

The on-mtn demo center (near top of Bonanza lift) had Legend 8000's last year and this year. Their base operation in the lodge (Legacy?) at bottom of Payday should have a large selection.

I was staying near town lift and had difficulty finding Legends for demo nearby (I didn't want to go over to the Resort Center area). Bahnhoff had Mantras and I demo'd those (got to ask for them because the shop techs like to hide them for themselves); they also had K2 Outlaw and AC4 Unlimited.
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