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The 24 Hours of Aspen

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Has anyone ever done it? It looks like a blast to me, although it must be extremely grueling, not to mention dangerous. 70 mph maintained for any length of time over a few minutes is bordering on nuts, I must admit.
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I produced a few segments for an audio tape called "Driven to Ski" a number of years ago where we interviewed Pam Fletcher and Noel Lyons throughout the race in the Gondola. It was pretty amazing. The only breaks were the Gondola rides. If anyone's interested in hearing it I'll try to find a copy and make mp3's of it to post here somewhere.
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I would be interested in hearing it. I can't find any reference to it on Aspen's current website, at least under the winter events section. The customary google search revealed a page saying that the 2003-2004 event was canceled, but that was really it.

I also found an archival page from skiing magazine about the 2000 race. The winning women's team was Charlotte Moats and Noel Lyons. Looks painful but fun!

I'll add it to the list of goals....
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It is an early season event, I think in November. They put lights on the trail, Aspen (Ajax mountain) doesn't have night skiing, so they light it just for this event. I'll dig up the CD and put those tracks up next week.

Driven to Ski was an attempt at a consumer product, an audio tape over an hour long with original comedy, instruction, and interviews. Was a total flop cause we had no money to market it, and no idea how to get distribution. Got a couple of good reviews anyway. Plus people couldn't understand how you could have an AUDIO tape about skiing.

We had John Egan, Lisa Densmore, Rossi (the Phantom Tuner) and others on it. In addition to Pam and Noel.
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Wild Ride

I never realized how grueling that was until I skied Ajax. Doing laps on that gondola is something. Me and my brother did five on new years day 2001 and we were both spent. To do this for 24 hours is mind boggling. This is an athletic feat that eclipses any marathon. I just can't imagine the fitness level those athletes must be in. I don't think I could do it. I know I can run a marathon, I know I can ride a bike a hundred miles, but this is a little different. Anybody who does that has my respect.
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