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Question for BetaRacer

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BR, lately after spreading the final layer of waxes, I'll use the newer type of stainless steel brush to "scrape" (all this is after cooling) then working my way down through a bronze and a horsehair. I don't race. I am figuring that this probably leaves on more wax than a racer would want, but for a full day of skiing, this seems to work out fine. I don't use alot of pressure with the steel brush ( by newer, i mean oval, denser; not the orginal Swix type) and it doesn't seem to be dulling edges. If any excess is left over at the end of a harder or colder snow day, it is at the tip. Any comments? I bow to your expertise and experience. Thanks John J
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I have never used that method, so I can't really comment on it. Just take care not to cross the direction of the base. If it works for you and not too much trouble, carry on.
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