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Need Fitness Photos at ESA!

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Hi Folks! I have two articles coming up that desperately need fitness photos. One article is being written about me for IDEA TODAY, which is the professional publication for fitness professionals. I need someone who is a great photographer to take a photo of me working with a student. This would have to be taken on Monday at the latest.

The second photo is for a TPS article on fitness for bump skiing. I do not need or want to be in this particular photo, but it would be great if I could get one of the demo team members to pose. If you are a great photographer and want to take the picture, TPS pays for photos. This can be done any time during the four days of the event. My Wednesday night fitness presentation may be a good time.

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Pun Intended! I just heard from my editor at TPS. I will also need photos of skiers skiing bumps on the hill, so if any of you on-snow photographers would like to earn some extra money, let me know!
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Hey Lisamarie,

I had an idea after I spoke with you last night. If you have time over the next day or two, stop in at Peak photo in the Albion Grill and ask to speak with Dobber Price. He might be able to help you out. He shot the TPS cover photo of Scott Mathers and his son a few years back.

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