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Vail shop

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I found the name of the shop I was looking for at Vail: Vista Bahn Ski Rentals. Anybody have experience with them regarding tuning/repiars? I'm not interested in rentals, just quality of their work.
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No experience with the shop you mention, but I've been told Pepi's is a good place to have tunes/waxing done. They're a little further down Bridge Street on the left from the Vista Bahn lift.

Personally, I've used the Double Diamond shop and Vail Ski Tech, which are located in LionsHead, for waxing and they seem to do well.
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Best in town,

Mill Creek Sports in Vail Village
SNOWELL at Gold Peak
Gorsuch in Vail Village

Ask alot of question regardless where you go.
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I have not had any work done at Pepi's but I think its a pretty safe bet they do good work based on their reputation. Having said that, my buddy and I had our skis tuned at DD last Jan. and we both couldn't ski for sh--- when we skied next at home. I thought for sure weould get an excellent job and even met the guy that did the tune. He had been tuning skis forever.

Left both of us with a hanging burr. Easy to fix , once I was told by A Man what it was , but it just proves nothing is for sure.

I know that one of the guys at Pepi's has been there for years doing tunes because I've seen him in the shop every year for the past several at least.
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