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I'm taking my family to smugg's in march for a week, Is there any runs for an expert skiier while my kids are in camp there? I will have most of the morning to myself. we have never been there.:
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IMHO Smuggs is the most underrated mountain in New England. Big verticle, PLENTY of great expert terrain...some of the BEST steeps/bumps in all of New England and also excellent tree skiing. I had a season pass there while going to college in Burlington so can speak from plenty of experience. As a plus you can ski over to Stowe w/out much walking but Smuggs will give you all you can handle. The down side....they still have no high speed lifts/snowmaking is marginal and grooming just OK BUT they get a lot of natural snow and due to the slow lifts it doesn't get skied out as fast as say Stowe. I've heard it's great for kids also. Have a ball!!!
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I've only spent a grand total of four days at Smuggs, but like Treewell I was pretty impressed. There are three distinct hills that make up the ski terrain, Madonna (big ~2k vert), Sterling (medium ~1k vert), and Morse (little ~.5k vert). Madonna has most of the tough stuff like Doc Dempsey's glades, and some double diamond bump runs paralleling the lift line. Sterling has some nice cruisers, Morse is a good standalone area for beginners and young kids. It's a stretch with some flats, but you can ski from Madonna summit around elev 3600' to base of Morse for a total vertical drop of about 2600'.
When I was there I got a kick out of skiing down a rather significant frozen waterfall/cascade that bisected a trail called Lower Catwalk on Madonna mtn. Kind of reminded me of the old days in the '60s when rudimentary East coast snowmaking efforts sometimes generated similarly glacial trail conditions.

Trail map:
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I'm not great with trail names, but you will have plenty to choose from, especially if you like the trees. I know they recieved 16" within the past couple of days. If your lucky it will keep coming.

I was there a few weeks ago, as the temperature was rising. The mountain was 90-95 percent open when we arrived, and 35-40 percent when we checked out a week later. The whole family still had a blast. Spring skiing in January...two years ago the temperature never went above 8 degrees the week we were there.
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I have skied at smugg's for years. Head up the madonna lift and take a warm up on FIS, it's steep but groomed most of the time. If the conditions are right go down doc dempsey next, a gladed trail next to FIS. Than the options are freefall, robins run and liftline if the snow keeps coming. I was there on Saturday and the rain hurt, but it has snowed all week and conditions are much better now. Just talked to someone who skied yesterday and they got 10-15", it was a great powder day. Lots of people at work are taking halfers to ski this afternoon, 25 degrees, sun and fresh snow! Going to MRG this afternoon to see myself.
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Smuggs is great - Plenty of fun for an expert.

They have such a strong family repuation that people assume that's all they have to offer. As another poster mentioned, Smuggs is hugely underrated.

They also get good snow and are further up north so it is less crowded.

The only bad thing there are the lifts. Old and slow. It's been a year or two since I've been there, but I don't think they've updated them.

That's the place that hooked me on skiing...about 14 years ago on a high school weekend trip. I managed to tag along with a better group of skiers and got my first taste of the trees with tons of powder. After that, there was no turning back!
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Oh, one more thing. If you don't already wear a helmet, I would get one before you get to Smuggs. Like I said.....TREES.
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Originally Posted by Treewell
[...] As a plus you can ski over to Stowe w/out much walking [...]
We were at Smuggs last winter and were told that there was no longer a reciprocal ticket arrangement with Stowe. There was a trail that seemed to head over to Stowe at the top of Sterling, but it was posted as out of bounds. [not that we felt we needed to go ... plenty to ski at Smuggs ]

Anyone know what's up?
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thank you all for your help<and yes i have a helmet won't ski without it nowadays
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Years ago, if you had a multi-day Smuggs ticket, you could ski across the frozen pond from the top of Sterling to the top of Spruce peak at Stowe, ski down, and get one free ride up Spruce to xc back across the pond to the top of Sterling, or vice-versa. It involved some shuffling thru the woods. It was great fun when the snow was good, but there hasn't been a reciprocal relationship in several years. A local might be able to tell you some way to finagle it if there's a friendly liftie working at Spruce.
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I wouldn't count on it. There have been ticket counerfeiters this year, and the lifties are hardcore. Arrests have been made. I saw tow 90 pound Chilean girls wrestle a stolen or borrowed season pass off of a 200 lb man on Friday. When the pass holder finally broke, he ran for the parking lot. Point is, don't try and ride the lift for free. By the same token, I rode with a guy last Tuesday who said he's skiied 20 days at Stowe and hasn't bought a ticket yet. The way things are going though, they will get him eventually.
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Thanks for the heads up, ive got my kids with me thats all i needis to get in crap down there, i do a good job of it up here
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