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i used the metron index, thanks for posting!

i'm not sure how the different skier ratings for the calculator are defined. if the choices were beginner, novice, intermediate, advanced, and expert i think i'd be closer to advanced than the intermediate mainly because, in my mind, experts have perfect form and take on very steep double blacks which i avoid. i like fast gs turns on groomed blue runs most of the time.

i'm considering the metron m:10. the calculator says my metron index is 1236 and that i need the 164cm ski at 158 lbs, advanced, and medium radius turns. i chose medium radius as a compromise because i like to mix it up with some short and some big gs turns. how, if at all, will 7 cm shorter in the M:10 157cm effect quickness of turning and stability at speed?

if i go with the izor's, and considering the above parameters, which length would be best for me in the 9:7 v. 7:5?

finally, what would be the equivalent skis to M:10, izor 9:7 and izor 7:5 in other brands?

thanks in advance for any advice!