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Hi I'm heading out for a week of skiing and would like some suggestions on what to demo.

I'm a guy, 40, 5' 8", 160 lbs. I've skiied on a set of voikl crossranger 187s for the past 3 years. I've come to accept they are too long (got'em off a taller friend) but I enjoy them except in bumps. Before that I was on rossi 4sks for years. Loved them at first but they got too soft and noodly for me. I demo'd some bandit b2s last year and liked them.

at one time I would say I can ski anything but over the past 8 years have seen verylimited days as kids arrived and now not as fit so I find it hard to stick to a line for more than 3 or 4 turns in steep stuff and I definitely can't get the volkls to go where I want'em in bumps. starting to gear up now the kids are skiing and I want a lighter ski but I still want a good edge. I'm unsure on length and also what will work best for me. I intend to ski a fair bit more.

anyway suggestions on correct length and skis to try are greatly appreciated.