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Opinions Please on Pet Peeves

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I’m doing a small study for an article of “pet peeves” (small or large complaints) people have when they go on ski and/or snowboarding trips. What drives you nuts?
I already know all about the poor etiquette some “bad apples” display, so I’m more interested in what you find most disappointing about the runs, facilities, food, hotels, transportation, staff, over-promising tour brochures or anything that made your trip less of a pleasure than you would want.

Also, what things have made your trip really special?

Would appreciate your opinions.
Thank you
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There is a hotel in Whistler, the Mountainside Lodge, that has seriously annoying parking policy.

First, understand that this place is a very short walk to the lifts. It's so close that a person might pay a few extra bucks to stay there for that very reason.

The problem is that they won't let you leave your car in the lot on the last day of your visit. So, let's say you're from Seattle. You drive up Friday night, you ski Saturday, and now you get up to ski Sunday but you can't walk to the lift because you can't leave your car there. So they make you drive over to the day lot, and go through the whole day lot routine. This additionally means there's no easy place to change clothes before your long drive home.

The way I figure it is you're staying a stone's throw from the lifts, you're paying two nights of parking (at some already pretty outragious price), you're paying for a room for two nights, you should damn well be able to walk to the lifts on two occasions.

The Mountainside Lodge also has a inane ski locker (Newly installed this year!) with locking racks that aren't wide enough for fat skis!

I guess, in summary, my pet peeve is simply "The Mountainside Lodge at Whistler".
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A few pet peeves:

When walking into the gondola building (up stairs etc.) some people will carry their ski poles so that everyone behind has to mind their eyes, or if not on stairs their tender areas. I mean, seriously how hard is it to carry your poles so that the sharp end points downward!

In France there is a type of disk lift which connects to the pulling cable via a rigid pole. When you get on, there is a pause until the pole grips, after which you are launched into the track to the top of the hill. Really painful on the crotch.

Integrated binding systems. No proven advantage, and they seriously narrow down the bargain hunting options. Soon ski manufacturers will revert to making boot/binding/ski integrated systems...perverts..

Finally, does this qualify as a pet peeve: I live 1000km from the nearest decent ski area...is that a bummer or what?!
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Women who wear (noticable) make-up to ski (or do any sport).

Anyone under 90 who wears fur.
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Pet Peeve: All ski resorts have very limited restrooms.....AND they're all on a LOWER LEVEL. Why can't they be on the ground level??

Special? Western resorts that are EMPTY midweek.
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Small locker rooms and small bathroom stalls. When I need to drop the kids off at the pool I like to spread out. Oh, and the toilet paper. You could use that stuff to perform a base grind on your skis. I don't even want to get into what damage that rough stuff can cause to your whale eye.
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A pet peeve of mine is people on a marked run and not skiing or boarding, just standing or sitting there, especially if they creat a traffic jam. It's annoying to me when they do this at the top of a steep section, as it limits my choices for entry. It's very bothersome to beginner intermediate skiers when it's crowded because everybody gets funnelled together and it increases the risk of collision.

Another one is people going slowly on steep runs; I like to speed down steep runs and am often forced to go slowly by these people, so as to be sure of avoiding a collision.

Third, people who can't count up to the capacity of the lift when there is a lift line. If it's a quad they should pair up or whatever is needed to get 4 people on it, 6 for a six-pack, etc.

Lastly bits of gravel or dirt AT THE LIFT; I can avoid the bare patches on the hill, but I have to go through the lift.
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Resorts that charge full price and don't have all the lifts running.
What Ghost said....Lift ops that stand around and don't get the Cattle moving to load.
Grooming ever run on a mid-week powder day??????Hello. Save it for the 3 day weekends.
Gotta go--------skiing.
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Originally Posted by Ghost
Third, people who can't count up to the capacity of the lift when there is a lift line. If it's a quad they should pair up or whatever is needed to get 4 people on it, 6 for a six-pack, etc.
The liftee gets 6 to load on the chair. The chair arrives. Four of them move to the chair and two just stand there to get their own chair......

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1) people who ask about pet peeves
2) people who expect skiing to be "luxurious"
3) people who forget that skiing is dangerous, and try to blame others when they're injured of their own accord
4) people who demand that ski hills be more "developed" with things that don't have much to do with sliding dowhill on a board or sticks.
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Ski reports that need translations always drive me crazy...

Excellent early season conditions = gravel, lightly covered with snow.
Natural hazards may exist = free stone grinds comin' up!

Why not just be honest and say "it sucks, but we know you have been waiting all summer for the ski season to begin so bring your rock skis as conditions are brutal and the only people who are paying for lift tickets are the tourists who thought they were getting a deal by booking their ski holidays early."

Another constant irritant is areas that can't fugure out how to optimally set up line cue mazes. Send a liftie or two to Whistler and see how they do it - the lines there go smoothly and hardly any chairs go up empty.

How hard is it to figure out that if you merge singles at the very end you don't need to try to find the one smart and/or non-hung over liftee who can count to four (quickly and under pressure) without taking his gloves off?
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Pet peave #1: AM ski reports. The worse the conditions/weather is, the later the resorts tend to update their daily report. Alot of times I wait until the morning to decide where I want to drive. If a mountain recieved 6" of snow, the report is updated by 6:30 AM, if it was 6" of rain, they might not get around to updating yesterday's message until 8.

#2 is specific to Mountain Creek, NJ. I won't even go into the 1/2 mile walk from the parking lot I tend to go there mid week (when its empty). However, when its empty they have a habit of not opening ANY lift ticket windows. They will make you go wait on the rental line to get a lift ticket. They also have Lockers available in the Lodge (bubble) that require tokens....however, they don't have token machines in that bulding. Again, you halve to go into the rental building to get a token. It seems like they really try hard to be inconvenient.
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My long-running, hands-down major ski area pet peeve is the "check-in at 4:00pm, check-out at 10:00am" standard at most ski resort lodging.

I used to travel extensively for both work and pleasure before I had a child, and I was lucky enough to stay in some pretty fabulous places all over the world (happily, usually on the work wallet). Now why is it that a five-star hotel in Milan or a beach resort in Hawaii can let you check in at 2:00pm (or earlier) depending on your needs, and provide late check-out, even as late as 2:00pm, but every ski condo needs an entire five hours to turn the room? (And this when many of them are beaten to s**t after years of hard use and don't seem to be getting cleaned all that well anyway.)

I have almost never succeeded in getting ski-area lodging to provide me with an early check-in (even on one occasion when I managed to verify that no one had been staying in my designated condo for at least two days and it was ready to go, no cleaning or service needed) or a late check-out.

Now, I understand that the cycle of the ski resort day means that most people are on the slopes well before 10:00 and that they're just getting down by 4:00pm. So it's easy to pick these hours and mostly stick to them. However, there are families with non-skiing members and people who need more flexibility. Why is every lodging company, everywhere in the world, more flexible than ski area condo/hotel owners? And considering the premium that many conveniently located, in-resort or slopeside lodging operators are charging these days, shouldn't customers expect a *little* flexibility and customer service? I think so!

Other peeves:

1. Disgusting, gelatinous *cream of cheesy mysterious something or other* soup that seems to be served in ski lodges with alarming frequency. When I want soup, I want something marginally nutritious and edible. What happened to plain old chicken noodle with clear broth or simple tomato vegetable?

2. People who insist on jumping right next to "no-blind-jumping" signs on green beginner slopes. I mean, I am all for air, but there are lots of other places to get it, and if you are capable of some sort of 360+ mute grab kind of thing, what are you doing on the "easiest way down" anyway? Poor, terrified beginners!

3. Ski schools that incent their supervisors on profit margins, so the supervisors try to book lessons with their least experienced, cheapest instructors and make more money for the ski school, instead of booking lessons with the most appropriate or most qualified instructors. Given the high cost of private and semi-private lessons at Colorado resorts these days, students should be able to have access to highly qualified, well-matched instructors. . . and the end, it's better business for the ski resorts to book with their better instructors, because students who have a great experience will be back and bring friends and family. Students who feel ripped off will never book a lesson again.

What makes a great vacation for me? Fresh snow. Beautiful scenery. Great, enthusiastic customer service, from the lift op to the concierge. I love meeting people on the lift who are interesting and friendly and who are just happy to be where they are. I like resorts that are well enough laid out that you can ski most of the advanced-->expert terrain without having to go back to the bottom of the mountain to stand in the big lines. Basically I just love to ski, though, so as long as I can slide downhill on a nice mountain I manage to overlook some of the gaps in resort customer service!

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Long lines.
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Tourists who decide that they'd like a bit of fun in the race course you just set... That is understandable, even if it's roped off, but at least look if there's people coming from the top when you do so.

And please don't argue that you have any right to be in there when we go warn you of the dangers, pretty, pretty please .
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People who pull down the safety bar the second they sit down with no warning.
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People that ski w/o polls bugs the crap outa me!
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Ski lodges that don't have drinking fountains. It irks the piss out of me to have to buy bottled water.

The usual complaint about snowboarders who a) flop down in the middle of the path to buckle up; b) after buckling up, get up without checking to see if anyone is passing them heelside.
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My Peeve - Inconsiderate = Brain Dead, Boarders

Boarders who choose to sit in the middle of a trail often with 2 or more buddies thinking how "cool" it is that all have to go around them. This season I have have seen boarders blocking a lift line entrance flipping off those who asked them to move.

Perhaps a few yanked tickets would help .....
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First peeve: 14-yr-old level 4s who bomb the hill and give you static when you say anything to them.

When I was young and dumb, I was showing off on Lord, off the top of Mt. Mansfield, on my way to take a shot at Starr with my buds. I overtook a woman "stem-turning" across the slope with her husband. When she made an unexpected turn, I zigged when I shoulda zagged and knocked her over. I fortunately only just brushed her, but still wound up knocking her over. Point is, although I apologized all over the place, I am still ashamed of that experience, 30 yrs later. How can we inject some of that shame into these reckless kids who don't seem to realize how dangerous they are?

2nd peeve: Areas that don't yank tickets swiftly and publicly. I know, I know, they don't want to alienate customers who paid a lot of money for their ticket. Well, moviegoers (these days) pay a lot of money too, but it is a serious breach of social courtesy to make a ruckus in a movie theater just because you bought a ticket. And if you do, the theater will kick you out. And that's for an activity where nobody gets hurt. There is such a thing as behavioral standards., which incidentally IMHO benefit teh area economically as well. Its up to the areas to set them and enforce them.

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1)When the only decent path on the mountain (with snow) is the one where the race is on, right in the middle of the best slope, hence you can't use it, although you've paid good money for the lift ticket: .

2)I don't like the people who zoom pass me very close, yelling "on your left (or right)", as though they think they are the only good skiers I'm not a beginner being in the way of people..I'm level 7.
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Pet Peeve-Bad Management

Mountain management could improve the skiers experience in many ways. A few issues I have are:
  1. Not enough clothing hooks/hangers in day lodge and restrooms.
  2. Lift attendants allowing certain individuals to load solo on quad or double chairs to allow for the snowboard vs. skier board hang angle. This is a problem at Mount Baker.
  3. Weather/ski reports not giving a clear snow/freezing level.
  4. Ski areas not staying open later in the spring when snow levels allow.
  5. Ski areas should open at 8:00 in the morning. Crystal mountain use to jump through hoops to get the paying customer on the chairs by 8:00. This gives the skiers the coldest and best snow of the day.
  6. Poor web cam layout on hills.
  7. Slowing or stopping chairs when not required. Mission Ridge has always had this problem.
  8. Globel Warming!! A truely competent management would hire a great director of weather affairs.
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Originally Posted by Skicrazed
I don't like the people who zoom pass me very close, yelling "on your left (or right)", as though they think they are the only good skiers I'm not a beginner being in the way of people..I'm level 7.
what you sense as a "putdown" is them helping you avoid a collision. I don't think that your Level has anything to do with it. I don't even think of a skier's Level when I tell them on which side I'm passing.

but I agree that the ones who don't have any control and are telling you "on your left" when they themselves don't even know where they're going... they are dangerous and they are a pet peeve of many skiers in crowded ski hills.
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Ski areas that don't have grove/hat shelves or baskets above both the toilets and the pee pots in the bathrooms.

My local area has them over the toities but not the pee pots.
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Price Gouging & Discrimanation against single skiers.

Price gouging and discrimination against single skiers. Snowshoe Mountain WV offers ski lodging packages every year but are all based on double occupancy. A lone skier who attempts to lodge and ski at Showshoe must pay for two people in order to lodge there. Then there is the price of food there. It is common knowledge if you stay at Shoe you had better bring all your own food. Year before last I payed $50.00 for a hamburger meal for three people there. The prices at the Shoe really suck. The snow is not that good there. They got there name in Ski Magazine and it has went to their head. Last year I went to Utah and including air fare didn't spend as much money as I would have at Shoe. I got a package for myself including lodging and lift tickets for $168.00 for three days. Wake up Snowshoe there are other places to ski that are as good and even better.
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i have to agree about the snow report thing, except i have it a little different out here. from where i live i will choose to ski targhee or jackson depening on snow. one of them inevitably doesnt post a snow report til 8-9am. im almost 1.5-2 hrs away and need a snow report earlier than 8 am to make an informed decision.
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Originally Posted by uncle crud
1) people who ask about pet peeves
2) people who expect skiing to be "luxurious"
3) people who forget that skiing is dangerous, and try to blame others when they're injured of their own accord
4) people who demand that ski hills be more "developed" with things that don't have much to do with sliding dowhill on a board or sticks.
What He said!
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I have seen lifties slow or stop the chair for a couple of patrollers to load.. Mind you they were just skiing and not carrying anything.. You'd think a patroller would know how to sit in a chairlift.


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dwoof2 ...

You didn't notice a pack or fanny pack?
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Ski areas that give the same trail 3 different names (upper X, Middle X and Lower X) because it has two cross trails, thereby artifically inflating the trail count

People who stop and chat right at the base of the lift so that others can't get past

Non skiers, (chapperones or parents) who bring their skiing kids to the mountain and consume an entire cafeteria table meant for 6-8 people, so that they can spread out their knitting or newspaper, then walk away and expect that the table is theirs for the entire day, and when they come back after being away for at least 30 minutes to find you sitting at it eating your lunch and have moved their stuff to one side, they either look at you like they have been violated or give you a hard time. They'll even do this if you are in uniform!:
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